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WIP - Fleasome's G.I.

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Well my girlfirend and I usually do some sort of paired deals, for instance we both have Tusken Raiders (male/female).  So she decided to do a Jedi Temple Guard and me, while I'm more of a dark sider.  Thus, I am heading down the Grand Inquisitor path now.

There doesn't seem to be much here yet.  I've looked around several of the other forums as well as this one.  Any of you that have started this path have a list of sources, model numbers, amazon links, et cetera for fabric, gloves , boots?  

I've seen the few links for 3D armor, saber (minus blades) and mask.

In regards to the saber, one of the 3D etsy files is basically the circle or half circle guard that you put on a saber.  Any recommendations for the saber that goes between for the bladed version.  I have not done any force sensitive cosplays yet of all the ones I have so I am an absolute nuub to the saber thread.  I have a friend with a Seventh Sister costume that said she started with the double blade but switched to a single as walking a con with 6' of saber ended up in some unhappy kids.

Thanks for any thoughts and advice from all that have finished and merely started this path.


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