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Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP


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Lets do this :)


Next Big Project after Vader.


Since the CRL is not complet i try to make it as acurate as possible.

The rest will follow.....


(Red marked Items are recieved or finished)


Helmet: Wicked Armor(will add Vents and Smoke)

Armor: Selfmade/ now Wicked Armor

Backplate:  Working on V2/ Now Dra`Kar Warlord Arsenal (etsy

Claws: Selfmade /Now Dra`Kar Warlord Arsenal (etsy

Lightsaber: Ultrasabers / Now a modifyed LGT with Neopixle Setup

Prey Lightsabers: 3D Printed and painted

Prey Hairpiece: Selfmade

Belt and Buckle: Klaus Frässerstübel

Codepiece: Selfmade

Suit: Claudio Olivier CP

Pants: Vader Pants (same Design)

Gloves: Claudio Olivier CP/ Wireing

Vest: Selfmade

Vestplate: Selfmade

Taberts: Selfmade

Neckseal/Scarve: Selfmade

Boots: Converted Officer Boots

Electronics:  AKER MP3


This is gonna be a long Process and intense, but i hope i will be worthy to Starkillers Legacy.


Open to Ideas and Opinions :D








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Helmet: Wicked Armor (will add Vents and Smoke)

I am not understanding the Vents and smoke comment, could you explain this in more detail?


Lightsaber: Nocturne Armory or Ultrasabers ( Since Vaders Vault wont reply)

If you want to get a reply from Vaders Vault, it usually works best when you go to their FB page and tag the Owners in your question.

Their FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553748611608080/

The owner I find who gives the quickest replies: https://www.facebook.com/deanna.johnson.948?fref=gs&hc_ref=ARQMWs7ugXZGeTlqy9kWZc5lLQUdtocuRB58SOReSYPpA8fJVo7f7pvf90xewfF7J1M&dti=1553748611608080&hc_location=group

At the time of me making my costume, they were not offering the correct lightsaber for this costume, but that was a couple years back, so things may have changed.


Looks like you are on the right path, keep it up!


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Working on the Sith Stiching on the Tabert Back.

Its tricky.

There is no High Resolution Pic around for that Shape and Size.

Maybe i have to check the Game Play again...






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Yup, most people just go with no pattern because it is so hard to see the details.

But yours is looking pretty good, keep it up!

Edit: Although the border around it is then making it look like it belongs to the Sith Stalker and not this costume, as there is no visible border in the hoth version.


Edited by Yankee71
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Once you get your helmet done, let me know where you put your fans and what setup you use.  I have tried different systems, none have worked so far as its a very tight fit with only 1-2 cm in any area but then between the balaclava and the fan is no space for the fan to move or for the air to flow. Could be I just have a really big head too lol. The areas that seem bigger and able to mount a system, if you mount a system there, then you cant get your head in the helmet.

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Next Step:

I took the Measurments and raw cut the Armor Parts, Vest and the Claws.

EVA Foam and Plexiglas.






Since i realized that on the Vest in the Game is a big Gap, i decieded to go with two half Sections of the Vest.

It also add more mobility to it.








Edited by Bogan
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Well I am pretty sure that with Marco's Vest, his vest is made of Leather, imo it looks too thin, but to each his own.

My Vest is made of strips of linoleum glued to 1 large sheet of P-leather, with the appropriate spacing between the strips of linoleum. I also have a strip of medal at the apex of my vest, that keeps the point curved inwards as it should be. I did not want to use Velcro to hold the vest to the shirt, as any time I would twist my body, all you would hear was the Velcro ripping apart, and it just became too damn annoying. lol

Just to note: I am currently using the 6th version of my vest. V1.0 had the wrong cut on the out side edges, and didn't look correct. V2.0 had the correct outer edge cut but the vest was just too damn thick and heavy. V3.0, V4.0 had a plate closing system in the back that looked really good, would just not sit right and kept opening when when I would try to breath (holding my breath for 7 hours did not seem possible). V5.0 I switched to a metallic looking cord with plastic clips setup, but after awhile the cord was stretching out with my breathing, and then the vest was too loose and kept sliding down. V6.0 has elastic cord going to 6 or 7 plastic clips. The cord is in an intricate overlapping web pattern like in the visual references, as opposed to a simple boring inaccurate setup. I find this the best system setup as the elastic cord gives and take as I breath, the strength of the elastic cord is also sufficient to hold the vest against my body with out slipping down. I have no Velcro or straps keeping the Vest in place, so it gives freedom of movement between the shirt and the vest, with out having any visible straps taking away from the correct look. I think it is the best setup for me, you will have to see what works best for you. Just throwing this out there, to maybe saving you the hassle of making 6 different versions of your vest until you were happy with it, like I went through. lol

Keep in mind, the front and back of the vest are "High" where as the sides of the vest are very "low" in comparison. I have seen some other versions on line where the sides are way to high, and it just doesn't look right. The back of the vest on its top edge should stop, where the triangle shaped back armor piece with the lights stops, they should match up rather close to each other.  I have also seen some badly made setups where the back armor is the wrong shape and size and the back top edge of the vest is way too high up, and then you have the vest running up under the back armor, also not the correct look. Again not doubting your abilities to attention to detail, just trying to save you time and money in making your items correct the 1st time, which is the whole purposes of having Detachments after all.

I got 0% help from anyone when I joined this detachment, was a very frustrating helpless situation where I struggled through learning by doing costing me more time and money than it should have. Why I now try to help others, so they don't have to go through what I went though and have a more pleasant experience with this Detachment and their build process.

If you would like, I can take measurements from my armor/back armor, vest, claws, and anything else you want, to try and give you accurate information to work with, instead of struggling with eye ball measurements off of a picture vs your body? Let me know, and I can knock the measurements out in my lunch break or later tonight.

Your vest looks to have the correct rough shape in the front. I cant see what the back closing area looks like, just remember it come back up to about the middle of your back, in the back.

Hope this info helps you with your build, if I get around to it, maybe I will take some pics to post for you, but that will probably have to wait till the weekend.

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i will go the same Way but i try to recreate the Look with the Painting and go with a thin Linoleum Cover in the Back.

if the Vest is sturdy and tight enought, i dont think it will sag or move.

I have the Measurments of your Vest from the Photos. That will help especially with the Sheets.

But i made a mixture of it, cuz our Body Shapes are a bit different.

I also thoud about to close the Vest with a elastic Fabric and just put the Backplate over it with Velcro.


i would go with Wickeds Armor but i think it is important that it fits perfect to your Body shape. Since iam not aware that Rob will make that Armor to your Measurments.

Maybe the Claws are a other Thing i will rethink since i saw some other Pictures from the Game.

It seems no one had the right Shape.

Especially the Thumb.

But its good to have a a second or third Set of them anyway ;)


But overall Measurments and especially a high Sol. Pic of the Back Triangel would be great.

iam still not completly shure how i will make that Piece.

Electronics are no Problems.

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Update: Orderd the Boots (for converting) Custom made 70 Bucks


Lightsaber from Ultrasabers:  Empty Hilt

I will make the Setup by myself.

Tree Cree Deep Red, Nano Biscotte V3, 4 Watt Bass Speaker


( Vaders Vault dont make this Hilt again and Noturne Armory dont take Commision for that Hilt anymore)

Not the most accurat One, but with some weathering, adding Details and Leather Band close to Game.

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The pic from my WIP is my Vest Version 1 or 2, not the best reference as I changed it since then, but you get the general idea.

And your pics are working again.

I will send you an email with pics of claws

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19 hours ago, Bogan said:

Update: Orderd the Boots (for converting) Custom made 70 Bucks


Lightsaber from Ultrasabers:  Empty Hilt

I will make the Setup by myself.

Tree Cree Deep Red, Nano Biscotte V3, 4 Watt Bass Speaker


( Vaders Vault dont make this Hilt again and Noturne Armory dont take Commision for that Hilt anymore)

Not the most accurat One, but with some weathering, adding Details and Leather Band close to Game.

Mind me asking what saber did you get and for what price?  I've been debating if I should buy one or not and then just modify the rest myself?

Is it the Raven?



Edited by btabc
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