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Malgus from Wicked Armor - acceptadble?


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Ahh hello neighbor,

People who have made this costume before (2), and got their stuff from MWA, have also commented that they had to upgrade a lot of the pieces, so that they would be more durable.  I just don't want you thinking that for that price you are done and good to go. The MWA Malgus is the best/ maybe only place to start, unless you are able to make the armor on your own. But then there will be several things to upgrade if you plan on wearing the costume more than a few times before it started to get destroyed.

Currently pants can be black or grey.

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Thanks for answer! So it would be acceptable, but its problem with material durability? My friend told me they will be doing some upgrades for that armor, so maybe it will be better than their previous versions.

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Yes acceptable, but the older versions needed some upgrades to keep it going.  Maybe the newer versions are more durable, no one has made a Darth Malgus for the 501st in quite some time.

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At the moment all modifications between Back and Front Armor are in process due to 2 series of definition build, including Vinyl  Rib Cage armor which is easy to break, are being updated to Leather Belt straps, before purchasing any items or spending cash please be sure to research and wait until the CRL is updated! There are 2 builders Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor and a Cos Play Builder from Ireland called Plaigeous mainly known from the You Tube Video "Darth Malgus" Costume Test Order 66! There are allot of new modifications  such as Extended Upper Shoulder Blades, New Stomach Armor, Back Calf Armor, Leather Strap for the lower legs before the Boots, Original Boot Props are Milwaukee Leather Motor Bike Boots. Combat Hand Gloves, New Updated Facial Respirator. Silicon Prosthetic Mask etc etc  List can go on, Im up to 5.5K right now and still waiting on approval! At the moment there is only 1 registered 501st member as Darth Malgus from Tampa F.L. Dominic Repper. 

Just an update (22.04.19) I am Finally approved and must state that I have the Original 1st assembly CRL ever made from Wicked Armor! The model was made in 2012 and sold in 2013 as shown on the 501st CRL!  I will make a New detailed List on products for those who are seeking the correct props to follow the character so that it become easier to get approval, but must state this is not a Prop character like ordering a TK uniform! 

Good luck on your search......SL 19290 

D.Malgus Respirator (Front Face).jpg

D.Malgus (No Cape,Respirator,Hood) Back Right Angle.jpg

Darth Malgus (Hood & Breathalizer) Front Face.jpg



Edited by Rep.Commando Slayer
Force MalStorm set up last pic example
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