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Darth Malgus - looking for information


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I am from Czech Republic and I want make Darth Malgus costume and join to 501st Legion - Czech Garrison andI have some questions :-)
I'm in touch with the man who created the Darth Malgus costume, which is down on the video.
And I wonder if I want to make a costume according to his instructions, if he can be approved.
With the difference that I will not use a silicone mask like him, but rather painting and protetics.



Next I have a question about Malgus's pants. Some images and CRLs are black, but most of the images are gray. Which color is applicable then?

And last question. What material should Malgous's armor be? I saw a kid here who worked it out of EVA. Is it a usable material? Or is it recommended rather PVC?

Thank you very much for your advice and tips and I hope I hit the topic correctly where to write my post :-)
Thank you very much and have a nice day :-)


P.S.: Sorry for my english O:-)

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Darth Malgus as a 1st costume, to join the 501st, is not an easy feat, as this is not an easy costume to put on or to wear the whole day at a troop.

For the normal person, I would suggest an easier costume to start off with and then to try to make something at this difficulty level.

Approval is dependent on your local Czech Republic GMO/GML. You have to attain the right look, compared to official reference materials.

If your GML/GMO has any questions with your approval pics, they will submit them to us, and we will give our opinions.

The costume in the Video would be approvable yes, but most people in the 501st don't have a "team" to help them get dressed and put on makeup and prosthetic. It is unrealistic to have to show up several hours before the troop to start putting on the costume.

Pants, find an official LFL reference to support your look, and you are fine. I have seen black, and I have seen gray, so for the time being, either.

Materials for the armor is up to you, but it must look correct. It has to have a thickness to it, it has to look like hard armor. Lights and everything else seen must be included.

Find an official reference you are happy with, and make your costume look like the reference.

This costume is not an easy one to pull off the correct look. This costume is also quite expensive to pull off the correct look.

Not trying to discourage your interests, but many have started this costume and not seen it to the end, and then it was just a waste of time and money, and they never got into the 501st.

Many have attempted this costume, currently only 2 have an approved Darth Malgus in the 501st!

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Thank you very much for your reply :-)

I agree that this costume is very hard to produce.
I definitely want to do it so I can get into it myself :-)
That's why I decided to make the Darth Nihilus costume first.
But because it's a pretty simple costume (Darth Nihilus), I'm already finding out about Darth Malgus. :-)
Thanks again :wink:

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I just recently got my Malgus approved, and it was no easy task. It is a very difficult build and I had to make the whole thing from scratch. You could buy something, but would have to really modify it. I wouldn’t recommend it as a first build either. I almost gave up multiple times and put a ton of time into it.

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I agree with  Yankee 71! 

Try something that´s less in expensive to start and become a member 1st within your Garrison. 

Plaigus is a builder out of Ireland, has really top quality but you better have a heavy wallet. Another is Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor.

Between the both depending if you want to go half the budget I would advise Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor, they have the 3D templates.

With Plaigus, your going to have to invest in a package of a sum around 3-4 K depending on the € rate or $ rate!

Both will take time and have allot of patience before they even start building. 

I got lucky buying a set 2nd hand because Darth Malgus was out of assembly for 2 years!

There are updated versions and original versions as shown in the Video game!

Its your choice wich style you want, Mask etc, or just Make Up!.

For the Mask is Jeremy Oneal from Oneal FX Studios in Ohio USA! 

Or you can order Silicon peaces and attach them on the face, procedure 1-2 hrs time drying and make up etc.

I do not want to advise on topics honestly defeat the matter, but your really going to have to chew on it and ask yourself if you have the time,dedication and finance to take it on...it is not a Normal Trooper outfit!.

SL 19290 



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