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  1. Thank you very much for your reply I agree that this costume is very hard to produce. I definitely want to do it so I can get into it myself That's why I decided to make the Darth Nihilus costume first. But because it's a pretty simple costume (Darth Nihilus), I'm already finding out about Darth Malgus. Thanks again
  2. Hi, I am from Czech Republic and I want make Darth Malgus costume and join to 501st Legion - Czech Garrison andI have some questions I'm in touch with the man who created the Darth Malgus costume, which is down on the video. And I wonder if I want to make a costume according to his instructions, if he can be approved. With the difference that I will not use a silicone mask like him, but rather painting and protetics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6qC-mrUpMs&t=3s Next I have a question about Malgus's pants. Some images and CRLs are black, but most of the images are gray. Which color is applicable then? And last question. What material should Malgous's armor be? I saw a kid here who worked it out of EVA. Is it a usable material? Or is it recommended rather PVC? Thank you very much for your advice and tips and I hope I hit the topic correctly where to write my post Thank you very much and have a nice day P.S.: Sorry for my english O:-)
  3. Hello,
    I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'd have a question. I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm going to my first costume. And I could not choose anything simpler than Darth Malgus :-)
    And apparently it looks like you have this costume too. Can I ask you for some tips, tips, tricks or some more detailed instructions? :-)
    Thank you in advance for any advice or help :-)

    Bye :wink:
    Lukas Wurzler

    1. Rep.Commando Slayer

      Rep.Commando Slayer

      Imperial Hail, Darth Malgus 1438,

      I am looking into information on specs and certain gear to get , assembly (Boot guard, shin straps, Chest peace, arm peaces etc etc...)

      Is there any experienced info you could kindly pass me so that I can start making orders !

      Hope to hear from you!.....Jawa Killer (DZ19290) G.G. SWSQ (Arma Candida) 


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