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Darth Vindican


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Hi all,


have some question about Darth Vindican.

Is it possible to make them official approved?

Is there not a rule with 3 source?


If yes, what is with vindican's face? You see a little bit under the mask...

Did you need a red silicon mask?

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The rule is a complete approved source (concept art from the company/artist releasing the character, game files, comic stuff, etc) 360 degree view of the entire character. Whatever is visible is what needs to be shown in the completed costume, so long as all the detail is present.

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Puuuu this is pity because I search for a long time for 360 degree view but find nothing...

Thanks for the answer :)

I will find a other second sith project

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A costume like Darth Vindican will take a serious commitment. Such a quest starts with reference hunting. A production turn around may not exist on the Internet. You may need to gather screen shots front and back on your own.

Fortunately, being rendered in full cinematic quality for The Old Republic, assembling your own screen shots for details front and back should prove to be an afternoon’s work. 

Over a year ago we had our first Darth Vindican applicant.
The applicant was asked to attend to so missing details on the face and belt.
I do not know the status of his approval other than having encouraged him to take the next step.

I would love to support the approval of a well researched and crafted costume for this character.


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Update: working on more pictures with more details in high quality but it's really really difficult because only the battle scene shows the back. Here the first results





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