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Kylo Ren Tutorial (Image Heavy)


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For the WIP please do go here:



STATUS: Legion 1st! Costume Approved!!


DISCLAIMER:I have no secrets. If you need help post and ill reply with an answer. Id love to keep any and all questions here so if someone else comes along I dont need to double back and answer the same question that was PMed to me. If its private that is fine mail me! :D I dont want to discourage anyone from mailing me. Just that if its a general question Id like everyone to have the answer as someone else will eventually want to know.

Hello all my name is Dawn Bright! I am a very proud member of the 501st and this is my Tutorial on how I made my Kylo Ren costume. This  was my 6th completed legion first

Ill basically be posting the same images here that are posted on my WIP so please

So lets make a costume!!


My Submission Photo Set: http://imgur.com/a/whi9m



























My Rey (approved Rebel Legion) and my Kylo Ren

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Volund's Amazing Costume Breakdown: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1694-kylo-ren-dissection-and-wip/

The costume BREAKDOWN













Kylo Ren has more parts than I would like to discuss. I gain about 15-20 lbs when I put this costume on there is so much material used

To build we must first Break.

So lets break it down to build it up...

piece by piece...

Bottom Layer:

What we Know: The sleeves are cotton then coated, they look like a ton of dots and you cant visually see the weave very well. (Donegal Weave Cotton)
What we don't know:The shirt is yet to be known what it looks like, or if its even there. 
Details: You will need approx 5 yards of material to complete these sleeves, You will need to hand pleat the sleeves to make the correct look. You will need to add a band of trim and a hidden zipper to the sleeves as Adam is zippered into these sleeves. The cotton sleeves are pleated all the way up the arm in a slightly uneven fashion.


What we Know: They are a Coated Denim
What we don't know: NONE
Details: Faded Glory Coated Jeggings in Black are one of the most screen accurate pants you can buy at this time (11-2015)


What we Know: The theme is "4" 4 straps, 4 buckles, 4 lines, 4 back edges
What we don't know: How they attach
Details: They are very detailed and unlike any other boot they heave featured. They have pleats running down the sides, yes...more pleats


What we Know: Leather with really cool details on it
What we dont know: how high the gloves are

Second Layer:
Pleated Tunic

What we Know: Its got pleats at the chest area all the way down to the knees (front and maybe back)
What we don't know: n/a
Details: This pleated tunic is EVIL. Its the hardest portion you will make. (ok maybe the sleeves) it needs to be form fitted, it needs to have a ton of pleats. I used 6 yards of material for this portion. The cotton is the same as the sleeves. It's open in the front  It has piping down the sides but not around the bottom)

Third Layer
Wool Coat

What we know: its wool and its long, it has a military collar.

What we don't know: how the chest buckles (the closure)

Forth Layer

What we Know: We know MOST about this piece. we can see it. we know how it looks and reacts to light. Its a black cotton basket weave. Its had a poly coated treatment done to the costume after it was made. Its got bulk and weight but still the weave is see through. There is a 1.5 to 2 inch seam at the bottom of the surcoat. Its belled in the back as it flows out more so than the front. There is a zipper on the right hand side of the costume under the armpit and ends at the waist
What we don't know: n/a
Details: There is no seam at the top of the costume. *the shoulder* the customers chest should look like an upside down triangle

Fifth Later:
Scarf and hood

What we Know: Same material as the Surcoat
What we don't know: n/a
Details: There is a piece of foam at the top of the inside of the hood. You can see a sewing line around the hood and it goes up the back but doesnt end at the front. The cape will take 2-3 yards of material and wraps from your right shoulder around the back and then drapes off the back right shoulder

sixth Layer:

What we Know: The belt looks Resin casted, its got really neat designs in it, The belt itself is leather. It's got a lightsaber clip on the right side back just past the side.
What we don't know: n/a
Details: You can see the velcro holding the front of the buckle in place. The Lightsaber clip is placed directly behind the seam on the costumers right hand side

seventh Layer

What we Know: Its Resin and its 6 layers deep.
What we dont know: n/a
Details: Resin cast and painted with a chrome on the top of the skeleton face and painted with a darker silver on the rest. The entire thing is beat up. its also different from the right and the left hand side. Back has a couple of sizable dents. Costumer should use a balaclava and a mesh across the eyes

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Step 1


Find the perfect material. It should be a soft but weighted fabric that is not see though. It should be a cotton. Purchase 4 yards




Step 2


Make a template NOT PLEATED

-Make sure its tight on your arm with 1 inch seam allowance on right and left hand side


Step 3


Get out your Iron


its time to Start the Pleats





On the ORIGINAL there are 37 pleates


HOWEVER i think the important point is that they are almost 1 inch wide: SCALE THEM TO YOUR BODY OR THE PLEATS WILL BE TO CLOSE TOGETHER




The pleats are uneven. they range between 7/10 and 1.4 inch.



Approx every 60 inches of material will make 15 pleats


Step 4


Apply fabric fusion to the insides of the ironed pleates so they wont fall away




Step 5


Sew both outter edges of pleats with inner lining





Step 6 


Sew small edge of trim to both edges






Step 7 



affix zipper to inside and sew into edges. Carefully get it as close as you can so the edges dont pop open








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This is the best ref we have of the UNDERTUNIC











I affixed velcro to the inside of the doublet on the front. Do not affix any closure on the front of the skirting.









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Youll need around 10 yards of material to make this Surcoat













Back skirting




There is a liner inside of the Surcoat, its obn all 4 sides


So when you sew the bottom 4 panels on, do not forget to add this black cotton/linen or whatnot. I did a linen after first doing Cotton (it was thicker)







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I sculpted my helmet using Monster Magic Poly Clay









I then used Mineral Oil to smooth over the entire head






I built a wall and casted it in Silicone




I then casted the helmet in Black powered Resin 65D





I sanded the heck out of the helmet


I used Real Chrome Bumper Paint to paint the top


Silver Black to paint the bottom and added details in Acrylic












I then added foam to the inside and affixed with E6000





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Capelet and hood






Pattern (bottom part)






I cut a hole










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I ordered my saber from a 3D printer company. I dont persay recommend any of the company's as they are all fine. The saber is pretty rough. All three of sabers I have are just fine. The saber at the exhibit looks very rough.




1. Spray paint the saber with gunmetal colored spray.
2. Spray the top with a brighter silver and fade the color. Mess up the paint
3. Use acrylic paint to detail the darker parts.
4. Paint the red and blue lines. Can shade them with a darker tone as well.
5. Take Bright red and Bright yellow and jab it into the 3 sections. Fade out on the edges with your brush.






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This is all amazing information! Thank you for taking the time and dedication to post up your progress on every step for others to learn from. Your costumes are always top notch! Do you have a similar write up for your Rey costume? 




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Thank you so much and yes I will!!






Still working out some kinks but it'll look much like this one :) I've got my start of it right here. Keep watch within the next few days! Ive just been working out this one because sad to say I know a lot more about it where as with Rey I spat the costume out in 24 hours so the research isn't there. I literally "made what I saw" :D it's really embarasing to admit that fact but was a very fun costume to make!

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Dawn, again GREAT tutorial!!! I was wondering if you could show us any additional details on how to go about making the hood and capelet, as well as the belt? You've gone into so much FANTASTIC detail on how you made all the other pieces of the costume, but these two parts seem to be lacking the details that the other sections have. Some pics or pattern drawings of these parts, along with info. on how much material is needed to complete these parts would be VERY helpful, and would really complete what is otherwise a very THROUGH and AMAZINGLY HELPFUL tutorial!!!

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Bwahaa! Yes I am so sorry Jeff it's the two pieces I haven't covered yet. I'll finish up this tutorial today good sir! :) I had forgotten. X.x I even have video of how to do the cape.

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Here is a bunch of tutorials ive made since i made this post!


I hope these help folks on their kylo adventures







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Here are a TON of photos of my costume to show you guys the whole package!


















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