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  1. The opening is in the front, but a lot of people (me included) leave plenty of material so that the skirts overlap. You shouldn't have the opening flapping open when walking, but having it part slightly when you walk so your boots don't catch on the skirts and trip you.
  2. CRL says 2" belt, he's using 1.5". It looks ok in his pic, but when you have it wrapped around your obi it may end up looking small when worn. Though, 0.5" might be hard to tell if you're slender, unlike me.
  3. If you get boots that have a zipper on them try to make sure it's on the inside of the boot so it's less likely to be noticed. With a Nihilus costume the skirts will cover most of the boot anyway.
  4. Nah, you can sew the skirts together, it's no problem.
  5. Yeah, you need two tunics made of the same cloth, the MWA has the sleeves sewn into a shirt of different material and only one tunic.
  6. Should be ok. The gloves look close to mine, and the boots will be covered most of the time anyway. As long as there aren't any laces or buckles showing, black leather boots are what is needed.
  7. The first ones look better, I don't think that much flare going up the arms like the second pair would be approveable. For boots you can really just use any plain black leather ones that fit you. As long as there are no laces or buckles you should be good. I still use a pair of knee high pirate boots for mine since it has been difficult to find affordable boots in US size 13 wide. The skirts will cover the tops of the boots most of the time anyway.
  8. Run a leather belt through it until the whole skirt is on the length of the belt. It will be bunched up a bit, but it should hang decently. If that is from My Wicked Armor you're going to need a second tunic to get approved.
  9. Your black mask seems a little short, make sure you have a shirt with a high enough collar to make up for that. I mention it because I forgot my usual undershirt at my last troop and had to keep pulling down on the black mask to keep my neck from showing.
  10. I don't know this kit well enough to offer suggestions, but did your GML say anything specific about what needs corrected?
  11. Looking good. Are you going to sew the quilted sleeves to the inner tunic?
  12. Coming along nicely. What plans do you have for the crown? You also need to attach the knot on the cowl higher up, it should be above the V shape of the tunics crossing. It is hard to tell in these pics, but are the sleeves quilted properly? Not a CRL requirement, but I'd shorten the skirt a little bit. That is so you don't step on it and trip yourself.
  13. I might take about 3-4 centimeters off the length of the tunic, it is hanging lower on your thigh than I have seen on others. Can not wait to see your weathering.
  14. First thing I noticed is that the studs for the belt have to be black. Looks like a good start though.
  15. Yes, the arm holes of my tunics are sewn around if that was what you are asking.
  16. I have the elastic band and at first had velcro glued to the mask and sewn to the front of the hood. Though it didn't take long for the velcro to start to fail so I put snaps into the two velcro pieces and us that to attach and the elastic band helps keep it stable.
  17. Just remember to have a split up the front and center on both skirts. Start fraying/weathering the bottom too.
  18. You mean the cloth belt? Mine is the same fabric that is 4 inches wide (CRL says 10 cm, so roughly 4") but it was 8" wide and folded over in half and sewn so it's two layers to give extra durability. Mine is long enough that I tie it off in the back, though I do plan to sew some velcro to it at some point as the knot makes the leather belt slide up and down a bit too much.
  19. The CRL specifies that the main belt is 5 cm or 2 inches and the narrow strap be 1.2 cm or 1/2 inch. I used USMC black dye from Tandy to color the rawhide base and used a buckle from them to close it. The rawhide belt is tough enough to stand up to years of use.
  20. Try this site to get ideas. http://chucrew.com/Nihilus/Nihilus.html Just click on the links for mask, hood, robes, etc.
  21. I was in Chicago for my stepson's graduation from Navy boot camp, so I was a little busy, and now too broke to get anything fun.
  22. If it is someone who can keep a supply going I would be interested to see yours. I've also been looking to get an extra Nihilus mask, both for display and just in case mine breaks.
  23. I would recommend My Wicked Armor for the hard mask as that's who did mine, but I haven't gotten an email response back from him in several months as I was looking for a Revan mask for display so I'm not sure if he's taking orders anymore.
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