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Dutch Starkiller Tie Training Gear WIP


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I am building a Starkiller Tie Factory Training gear from scratch. That is to say...the soft parts.

All 'hard'ware is being bought.

The Shoulder Armor and Gauntlet are being made as we speak by the Mandolorian Arsenal.

The Saber will come from...yes...Saberforge. (Trust me, I know what I am risking here. but I have done my research, and found more and more positive feedback from the last few months. as opposed to the 2010-2012 era, they really have seemed to have stepped up their game. Also, I have had some good and prompt replies from them, so I am going to trust my guts here.)


The boots are the epIII Anakin boots. I have painted them a darker shade of brown.


What else? I have bought the leather and started working on them. I have an aluminum sheet, so I can cut out the metal belt buckles, hook and D-rings. Also, I have the Covertec belt clips.

I bought the wrong set of slide clasps, so I will need to obtain the right ones.


I have spent the last 3-4 months researching every inch of the costume.


Figuring out the belts was really hard. But I made a nice miniature to help me out.


I am almost ready to start making the tunic and pants.

I looked for fabrics. The Denim was really hard to find. In my area (Netherlands) it seems to be impossible to get Bull denim. But I found rough denim that looks like it.

Also fabric for the wraps and loin cloth has been identified.


The below photo's are all very early stage. Not really much of an outfit to be seen. Just the materials.

Any advice or comment will be much appreciated in whatever stage of the proces.

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The belts and belt scheme



working on the belts



Boots (ignore the pants)



fabrics to choose from (I cut all samples and dyed 1 part with the same brown coloring, to see if it would hold)







edit: can't seem to make the first picture show anything but up-side-down.... but you get where I am going with that... :wink:

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started working on the tunic and pants.

since I am a total n00b tailor I simply took an old pair of pants and a long sleeve shirt and copied the different parts plus some space for the seams, on paper.

For the tunic, I drew two front parts. I just imagined a long triangular bit on the lift side for the wrapping. (arms are not on the picture)



Also, I did some paint tests. I think I have the right colors now for the different types of fabrics.


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some progress.

The loinclot is almost finished. you can see a clean part and a wheatered part. I think I am too carefull with the wheatering. It probably need more...much more



I have bought the fabric for the tunic/pants/wrapping



The fabric is a bit more blue than the sample, so I need to bleach it (without using actual bleach) in order to prepare for the wrappings to be dyed grey/tan.

I have done a test run to see if 8 meters of wrapping is enough for the boot. and it is enough. :)



The wrapping should not be badly fraying, so I have burnt the edges. In fact I like the burnt colour so much, that after dying and wheatering, I am going to burn them again. Also, for the right upper arm wound, these burnt edges will be very appropriate, I think.




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Yesterday, a shipment arrived, with the blanc Armor and gauntlet. My jaw almost hit the floor. really good stuff! (pitctures will follow shortly)

I will do the paintjob/wheatering myself. Really looking forward to that! 

Since I am a n00b in terms of armor making, what should I use to fill some of the minor imperfections?

Also, according to the CRL and the pictures: 'A series of rivet holes are located at intervals around the edges of the armor'

Should I just drill some holes? or what would you recommend?


As for the gauntlet: same question regarding filling up imperfections. 

As for the power switch: what location would you recommend installing it? on the inside? or having the lever pop out on the back? (covering it with wrappings?)

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a first test run for the paint job on the shoulder armor, after I have filled all little bits of imperfection (not the holes I drilled, because they are supposed to be there).

I am not really happy with how the machine sanding job from the vendor shows through the paint. So I will have to sand/polish that manually... 





So, if there is a volunteer who wnats to do a few hours of tedious manual labour. just give me a call! ;)

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So, if there is a volunteer who wnats to do a few hours of tedious manual labour. just give me a call!





 Boy if that isn't the catch phrase of the costumer! Your build is looking great

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big news!

My Saber Forch 'Monarch' saber was just shipped!

Let's find out if the 10 week wait was worth it, or if I have been a fool to ignore (outdated?) advice and waste my money.

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ok. few updates:

first test fit of the tunic and pants.


better then I expected. the upper tights could be a bit wider. also... I really need to install a zipper, because rough denim is not elastic at all! (what was I thinking!)

also, the lower arms need to be wider. I was hardly able to put my hands through. but then again, In the end I will cut them off for the most part anyway. still the right arm will remain intact underneath the gauntlet.


I did some sanding on my armor. after two layers of paint, it already looks so much better. my spraypaint container was empty, so I did not put on the final layer yet.


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And now for the most scary thing: ripping up my costume.

I was terrified by it. litteraly: what has been done, cannot be undone.

I am not completely satisfied, but well... what has been done, cannot be undone.

So deal with it! :-/




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