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  1. Requestign SLD status SL-12436 Dutch Garrison http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16913&costumeID=146 Det XO Edit: Done, On TFE forums you have been upgraded to Det Mem status, if you go to the SLD forums, you can apply for their TFE Membership on their forums.
  2. I also have a bunch of pictures. And... I kinda look like Sam! check this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1195226757194320&set=picfp.100001210201122.1195226750527654&type=3&theater
  3. You are truly our Dutch Armor master! Your CO approves!
  4. And the culmination off my Journey: Meeting Sam Witwer at CEIII and giving him my signed trading card ans having him ask me for a picture! [/url]
  5. ok. so the picture has been taken. Will it be posted here?
  6. What I did, was screw them on. I drilled a hole (a little smaller then the screw) in the back of the clip. For the ornamental clips (where you would never hang a saber on, you can drill just a small hole. enough for the screw to just fit in 2-3 mm. this will be enoug to keep them in place. add a bit of glue, just to be sure. For the utilised clibs, where you do want to hang a saber on, you actually need to drill all the way true. you will need to blacken the tip of the screw eventually, to obscure it a bit. add some larger rivets, to prevent the screw to tear out the leather if you hang a saber on it. Please do not forget to wheather both the belt as the clips. it will make your outfit that much more realistic. 'brand new' is not a word known to the Starwars universe.
  7. and approved! SL-12436 Thank you for following me. See you out there!
  8. so close! only some minor (or major...depends how you look upon it) wheatering touch-ups to do In real life the tunic and pants are much more brown. to be sure, I am going to spraypaint it with even more shades of brown (which also make soem cool wheatering. win-win)
  9. and this is what I have so far assembled. still lots of details to be done
  10. small update: making the scorch marks and oil drip from the restraining bolt. little belts
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