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  1. LeMaxim

    Dutch Starkiller Tie Training Gear WIP

    Wow! Very nice work!
  2. LeMaxim

    Kylo Ren Dissection and WIP

    Fantastic research. Following this with great interest.
  3. LeMaxim

    Rejean's revan Prep Approval

    Congratulations! Welcome to the Legion.
  4. LeMaxim

    Darth Nihilus from Norway

    Hi there fellow Northling!
  5. LeMaxim

    Swedish WIP Darth Nihilus

    Nice work my friend!
  6. LeMaxim

    Thana Vesh SWTOR Sith Apprentice

    Hi there friend! Can't help you with the question but I would guess you guys would be able to pull it off if you craft a CRL draft as you go along. There needs to be a first build before there can be a CRL (and Legion approval) and someone needs to take these first steps. Why not you? It looks like a cool costume. Hopefully a veteran EU-builder will chime in and clarify CRL needs and required references.
  7. LeMaxim

    Sith Stalker: Tattooine Variant

    Indeed. Loving your work here. Impressive costume.
  8. LeMaxim

    SW Rebels: Inquisitor

    Wow Davide. This really turned into something very nice. I haven't studied the character yet but I really look forward to getting to know him and the costume. Yours is a very worthy first step. Well done troopers.
  9. LeMaxim

    A'Sharad Hett in NY

    Nice! I look forward to following your build. Might get me restarted on my own.
  10. LeMaxim

    Darth Malgus

    Very Nice! I look forward seeing you in action.
  11. LeMaxim

    Norwegian Mara Jade signing in!

    Congratulations Jenny and welcome to the Legion and Nordic Garrison. Looking forward to troop with you. See you around!
  12. LeMaxim

    New SL approved

  13. LeMaxim

    Just got approved!

  14. I would say that you should check with your GML before you go forward with full helmet idea. Personally I don't see a problem with it due to the following reasons. 1 - The CRL is still listed as WIP. I'd say that opens for some leeway. 2 - Mask is a somewhat ambiguous term and the CRL reads: I'd say that, in it self, would give you the option of doing a full mask/helmet. 3 - Concerning the hood the CRL states: Meaning that technically you could have a Hello Kitty back to your mask because it shouldn't be visible anyway. Considering that a mask/helmet that would sit so snuggly on your face I'm sure you would want to keep the back open because of the heat. Only time and experience will tell though. If you really want a full head mask/helmet I'd suggest you make it two-piece (as per #1 above) so you could decide to go without the back on warmer days or when the event is formal and the hood should be up all times (as per #3 above).
  15. Considering that the CRL is yet to be defined I'm assuming it can be formulated to allow for both options. I would say that the CRL for the Gunner might serve as some inspiration with its many "Optional configurations". http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... ial_gunner As I understand your helmet can't be opened so as far as optional configurations. # 1 - Helmet Only - Staying on and closed in public. No facial make up necessary appart from keeping hair invisible. # 2 - Helmet and partial make up - Helmet may be opened in public. Visible parts of the face must use make up (or mask). # 3 - Helmet and full make up - Helmet may be open or removed in public. Possibly the make up accessories might be listed as optional accessories or listed as "and/or" with the above conditions listed. Referencing other active CRLs you might want to consider the following. ROTJ Vader does not require a "Vader unmasked" facial make-up even though there are clear references in the movie how he looks under and the fact that he actually removes his mask in the movie. http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_rotj_vader Even though we know that Palptine have tufts of hair on the back of his head post his Mace Windu debacle there is no mentioning of hair being a necessary (or optional for that matter) part of an Palpatine costume. http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... ne_emperor There are probably more CRLs in support of this, but from the top of my head. Hope it answers some of your questions surrounding the topic.