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How to make a black wash? (question)


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Hi all,


I'm currently doing some painting on my revan armour and need to weather the mask/armour.


Whats the best stuff to use to create a black wash to do this? what kind of ratios to use?


It is painted with an enamel paint if that makes any difference.


Thanks for any advice.

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I would use acrylics over enemal. This down to a ratio of about 10 drops clear water with 2 drops colour, maybe three.


You can use the liquid you get, cleaning your brushes during model kit building.. :))


Or try with watercolours. You can wash them away and reapply them without any troubles.


Use a mix of 2 pieces black with one piece brown to create a realistic look.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.


I have some black/brown acrylic paint so that's good.


I heard people use alcohol to 'break the surface tension' for a more even coverage. I tried mixing some up today using acrylic, water and some nail varnish remover (closest thing to pure alch in the house) and it didnt go so well.


Perhaps my ratios were off.


Is this something you'd recommend or would paint + water be enough?



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No, just use water and add some drops of dish washing soap or windows cleaner...


For big parts to wash, its not needed imO.


Just mix some blacks with a tad brown and thin down a bit more. You`ll see when its OK.


Just try with a not importand part.

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