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Dawn's Starkiller: Dark Apprentice: !!!!CLEARED!!!


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Overall, looks GREAT to me! There might be a few details on the lighted box that could use a bit more tweaking to better match your reference, but other than that, I don't see anything glaring that stands out! When I have more time, I'll look a bit closer to see if I spot anything else! AWESOME JOB DAWN! 8)

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Big project wise, I want to do a real lit electrical box! I think it'll look soooo much better. Wish I knew what it says in there....... o.o need a closer look :D its all so blurry. Even when I pause it.

If anyone can get a closer or better shot. ILL TAKE IT!!!


Thanks so much Jeff!

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I like it! It seems like you changed everything he was looking for, but obviously the final say will go to the LMO. Send the new pics to your GML and we'll see if we can't get this finished up for you :D

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Id like to personally thank all of you for taking the time to help me!



I couldn't have done it without you guys!


Also thank you so much to the mentor(s) and the Judges and anyone I forgot!


I am happy to help with anything you guys need concerning the CRL etc.

I am but your humble servant ;)


Freaking made my month you guys!!





You guys ROCK!

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Nice work Dawn, and just with those little changes, imo makes a lot of difference.

I'd love to see the electronic chestbox.

Can't wait to see the CRL text and your pics used :) hint hint



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Finially got to troop in it! Was waiting for a Con! ^.-


My buddy Cory helped me out by being the ever amazing Vader





Thank you so much everyone for helping me!! *hugs*

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It is a small point, but as you asked...


The studs on the reference bracers appear to be about 1/4" taller than on the recreation.


I count 4 ribs on the hard collar, all before it reaches Starkiller's neck. The recreation I count 2.


(You had to expect it from me, sorry ;) )


Your recreations are ridiculously perfect, Dawn. Fantastic job!


~ vonnor

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Thank you so much!




Now I gotta go pull the thing out and look Kota. Thought it might just be farther back on my shoulder ;) I haven't pulled this costume out in awhile

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