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  1. Another step : Bracers made from Thibra over a PVC base. Made to look like cloth as in the references Details on the silver parts sourced from screenshots
  2. Figured the bottom line is too high... so changed it :
  3. Thanks one more step :
  4. So the start looks good... Next : the shoes... and soft parts.... stay tuned
  5. So first I had to see if I could get the helmet/mask made... then make a mold : and cast it Next the hard part... Finishing... I cut the unneccesary parts out , being really carefull , because the mask is really fragile then. After it was cut out , it got sanded and the high/low spots got filled . Then I added a few messing strips in the back for the rigidity. After paint , the visor will also add to the rigidity.. so painted it looks like this now :
  6. So...after building quite a few 501st costumes , its time for my first Flagship Eclipse contribution. Darth Vindican. Not much reference , except for this : and loads of screenshots from the game intro video ; https://youtu.be/jnImzTqcmDc
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