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  1. Newly approved Sith Lord SL-3686 Darth Nihilus (cotf) Requesting detachment access please http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13843
  2. Hello New developments have, feel free to comment, Thank you
  3. Thanks, I'll be careful. now I have left so to have leeway wear.
  4. [/uR Here is my first test with the dressmaker. I hope the fabric look good. I have long ceased to wear down well. As seen?
  5. Hello brothers Use the google translator, sorry if you are not correct. I am interested in this dress, but there are doubts. The CRL is incomplete, missing the main belt and gloves. That size should have the buckle? We must make the case 100% 100 CLR, boots and do not seem correct either the tattered skirt, what should I do? Someone can you help find good pieces? thanks
  6. OK thanks Once you have photos of the process, now it is not possible
  7. hello A new beginning. After my first failure. I'll sew with the help of a friend my new Nihilus. I need to know the separation of the sleeve stripes. And along the inner tunics
  8. Hello sisters This is the sign that I have and the fabric more like I've found. Are saying? to buy. thanks
  9. Hello Starbuck I'm looking for a good fabric.
  10. Your Visas looks great Thanks for your help, I'm having trouble finding a good burgundy fabric
  11. I need to find a good fabric, dark burgundy. To bring everything to the dressmaker
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