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  1. You are not wrong! I appreciate the encouraging words from the both of you.
  2. I may just sit on it a while and see what happens.
  3. Hi, I am currently deciding whether or not to sell my current build. Time and money has been limited lately and motivation lacking.
  4. For those that were interested in the 3d files I made for this build, they are now live on my etsy shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/WarlordArsenal Also, I have recently received both the jumpsuit and the gloves for this build. My buddy is currently printing my helmet, but I will need to get the suit tailored to fit better. It was a bit larger than what the measurements I provided to the Custom Props folks, but luckily I have a friend who can alter it to fit me better. Hoping to continue this build next month.
  5. I actually will be releasing them on my etsy shop once I reopen it in a few weeks. I got to fine tune a few models before I do. I don't own the helmet file however.
  6. Thank you. I am still working on this, albit a bit slowly as I navigate some RL roadblocks, but my jumpsuit is in production and gloves as well so looking like I will have most of my tailored items by January and helmet as well.
  7. Your kit looks great! Thanks for the kind words. Belt has been printed and currently going through some sanding and primer layers until fully smoothed out. Printed in Resin so this should be done and ready for paint by tomorrow night. Used some bondo spot puddy on the shoulder parts to take care of a few divots in the smooth shell and will be addressing the two small touchup areas in the grooves tomorrow night using some plastic metal to help build up the edge to make it more defined. Will post before and after pictures once that is complete. Aiming to begin paint layering Saturday. Once I get one layer of lighter silver down on the shoulder plates, I plan on rigging it up temporarily to check for the spacing needed on the backbox before I set it to print. Want to get an accurate measurement mock up and also use this opportunity to get the proper size needed for the back of the spine part so I can begin printing that also.
  8. Thank you for letting me know. I should be fine, as I have quite a bit of experience building and making things work. I appreciate any help I can get. Also, to update the thread, I have now found someone that will be making the gloves and got that process started. I've modeled the belt buckle and ordered the leather strap needed. Buttons/switches for the belt have been printed and will be printing the buckle itself during the week. I have a cut out on the back side of the belt that will allow for the belt ends to meet and connect via snaps and sewed on velcro. At the bottom of the belt I modeled a slot for the leather piece that dangles to be inserted, and have holes meant to secure it via screws. I had some orange peeling going on with the shoulder armor, but have meticulously sanded/re-bondo'd/primer/sanded until these were removed and have been slowly coating with more Krylon primer with some time in between coats to ensure no more peeling happens. I still have a few small spots to fix alongside the grooves but plan on doing that once the overall smoothness is achieved and cured for a few days. Hoping by the weekend to have it ready for paint layering.
  9. Lower back "spine corset" is modeled and will be printing once I do another fit test with shoulders and back plate to ensure length is proper on the lower back spine. Will be using 1/8" plexiglass or aluminum for the "wings" and secure the cordage tabs along it with small wooden dowels cut to fit into the holes I will punch through the wings. Epoxy filled and sanded smooth should secure the tabs to the wings, and will be running two 3/16" metal rods into the holes I bored in the middle spine part to give it strength from snapping.
  10. First layer of heavy filler primer and followed with thick coating of bondo spot puddy has been applied and sanded off. Coated with 3 more layers of filler primer and will let sit until Saturday then will wet sand and hopefully achieve majority of smoothness before needing to fix problem spots in the groove channel and few small areas on the edges that need some TLC. First set of finger blades have been printed and test fitted with the finger rings. They snap into place as expected and should meet the CRL requirements in length. Have started printing the second set and will begin smoothing out print lines/rough edges next week. I hollowed these out to fit a 1/8" metal rod inside to give them strength from snapping, but also printed at 100% infil at .1 layer height so these should be super strong when its all said and done. Have contacted a third person about the gloves since lack of responses from the first 2, and waiting to see if this new person will be able to start on them.
  11. Started the long process of smoothing out the shoulder pieces. Used some epoxy resin to coat the rough areas where filament overhangs occurred. These will see multiple layers of filler primer and bondo spot putty, until completely smooth and all print lines are eliminated. Will use sculpting puddy to rebuild sharp edges of the shoulder armor contours where overhangs were a bit of a mess. The one good thing about having to source out jumpsuit and other parts is it gives me quite a while to focus on making stuff like this perfect. Electronics for shoulder pauldron lights arrived today also. Also spoke to Wicked Armor about setting up an order for the gloves. Just awaiting a paypal invoice to complete and get that going. Probably will not be receiving soft parts until January-ish, but plan on having most of the armor complete by then. 3D printed the back box to test for appropriate sizing, though everything so far has looked good. Will reprint the back box in resin for a more high definition finish.
  12. Hello everyone, I am a former Mandalorian Merc and recently began a Lord Starkiller build with the intents to join the 501st and switch up my cosplay goals. Going to use this thread to document my build and also hopefully gain some valuable insight from others who have completed this kit already. List of items to meet CRL approval standards and status: Helmet - Friend is resin printing a battle damaged helmet bought from 3demon. Braid - Not started. Jumpsuit - Ordered from Custom Props. Shoulder Armor - 3d modeled and printed both pauldrons and shoulder parts, currently in smoothing phase. Back LED display - 3d Modeled, 3d printing test print to check for correct size/spacing with shoulder parts. Back LED electronics - Frosted plexiglass and electronics obtained. Awaiting a finished back display to install into. Upper back "spine" piece - 3d modeled, will be printing the 5 parts separately and attaching to a leather strap in order for them to be able to move like segments, much like the game reference. Backup plan is a static single piece prop. Lower back "spine" - 3d modeled the tabs and middle "spine" part. Will be resin printing and attaching to sintra "wings." Will be using elastic cordage to aid in attaching "rib vest." Gloves - Ordered through a vendor on Etsy. Glove cables - Not started. Will source these out from local materials once gloves are obtained. Finger blades - 3d Modeled glove "rings" and blades. Test printed rings to ensure fitment, will have to wait to scale and print to fit gloves once obtained. *11/4 - First set fits perfect. Started printing second set of finger blades* "Rib vest" - Not started. Brainstorming on material to use for this. Belt and Belt "buckle" - 3d Modeled belt buckle. 1.75" leather belt is ordered. Have printed the buttons/switches and buckle itself. Lightsaber trophies - Not started. Have all 3d files on hand, will print most in resin and use PVC core for strength. Skirt - Not started. Will be looking for lightweight leather to use for this, something thin preferably to give a flowing effect. Belt groin flap - Not started. Will make this once skirt leather is obtained. Boots - Not started. Have a CRL approvable pair in my Amazon cart, will wait until jumpsuit arrives before purchasing. Starkiller Lightsaber [UltraSabers] - Not started. Need to order. Below is the helmet file I bought to use along with the shoulder armor parts I modeled: The finger rings I test printed: Some questions I have for others that have done this kit: How did you go about attaching the shoulder armor parts with the back box? And, the rib vest- what have others found the most viable way to rig this up to put on/take off?
  13. Hey everyone. Name is Beau, I am a former Mando Merc and have started a Lord Starkiller [Hoth] build with the intents of joining the local 501st clan here in south Louisiana [Bast Alpha Garrison.] Will be utilizing my experience having built multiple mando armor and props to perform most of the hard items in this build from 3d printing/sintra, while sourcing out the soft items to more reputable sources [Custom Props/Wicked Armor.]
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