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Troops, Events, and Just for Fun

A gallery for your troops, events, and fun photos.


  1. Rep. Commando Slayer, alias Darth Malgus / SL 19290 Updated

    The Dark Over Lord, Sith Legend Darth Malgus!
    Known as the Deceiver and accomplished War Lord, has campaigned his sacking of Coruscant and Alderan to make a new attack on a Planet called Earth, way beyond the Outer Rim system! 
    S.L. 19290 of the T.F.E. and German Garrison has finally taken on the leading role as the Only Darth Malgus in Europe for the time being, and is looking forward meeting new T.F.E. members and aiming his goal to premiering in a upcoming Gala Event Show if needed....
    Upon any information that is needed I will gladly always offer my experience in the character as well in building and prop making aspects to the costume...
    From Health issue precautions and finance capabilities to acquire such a costume, feel free to ask any questions.
    The character is not a easy one nor should it be approached lightly, but has a magnificent characteristic to the Star Wars Expanded edition.
    Enjoy from Events 
    11.05.19 Power of the Force Con, Obershausen Germany
    29.06.19 Comic Con Convention, Stuttgart Germany
    29.09.19 Speyer XII Technique Museum Convention, Speyer Germany

    Rep.Commando Slayer
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    Rep.Commando Slayer Updated
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  2. SL 48107/ Darth Sidious Updated

    Photos from troops I have done with my approved sidious costume. 

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    DarthDatsu Updated
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