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  1. Here's what I've always understood (before staying clear of main legion boards and a lot of the back & forth there)... When I joined TFE ~2007/2008, the lines were pretty clear: Movie force users = Sith Lord detachment EU/non-canon darkside force users = TFE ...and as such,we have what there is today. The talk of new detachments being needed sounds like the same "They should belong here" mess that the SL Detachment and TFE used to fight about earlier on when I 1st joined. At one point in time, the SLD was arguing that Revan, etc should belong there because no matter origin, it had the Darth title. Sounds like a new re-hashing of that same drama....if so, ugh. I see this discussion like I see the Metal discussion.... no need for all these sub-genre (sub detachments). I mean, that sounds like they should split the IOC to an ISB-only detachment, face character officer detachment, etc.... a lot of unnecessary division. Much like the invention of "Mathcore," "Metalcore," "Melodic Death Metal" and all that mess when it's still...just Metal. Basically...my observation over the years is that: There are several others in other detachments that have ALWAYS fought against TFE and what TFE has due to a lot of the EU bigotry that existed. No such thing as EU anymore, so that leaves: Canon (TV, film, etc) vs. Non-canon (which I will always call EU) and that line doesn't need further dissecting and really still is the same old arguments that have been floating around for almost a decade (or more). *lurk mode back on*
  2. A little more progress. Got the 1st layer of the armor roughed out.
  3. I finally found a medium that I'm not completely dumb at. Project resumed again....only 9 years in the making almost lol. Real life has been keeping me away from all costuming activities and only able to basically resume free life again a week ago. That being said...neck piece roughed in. Needs a lot of refining, but at least something physical to show instead of mock-up. This is only the collar and neck pads.
  4. I haven't looked into this character from that perspective in 2008ish. Last I checked then, the only official source that could be cited was the original KoToR. Although his helmet and saber are mentioned in SWTOR. Are there others that are now in play? I mean, I guess it's possible since I haven't really checked the last 7yrs (lol). Unless the Legion has changed, the sources have to be complete separate sources, not just different appearences in the same media. I've been out of the loop so long that I don't know the "business" side of this stuff any more. I just wanna make it for self, yanno? I mean if it's good enough and the criteria is there, sure, but idc if not. Project update content: Duct tape dummy from ~20lbs ago and has +1-2" everywhere, so making a new one to match more closely.
  5. Holy necro-bump, Batman!!! I know it has been ages since posting, much less about this topic. While I know this guy won't ever qualify for 501st...especially seeing how I'm probably the only person that ever wanted to do this one (LOL), I'm active again on it. Thomas was kind enough 7 years ago to get me the skins & turn-arounds from Activision. Through real life mess, lack of skills, lack of money, etc, I never finished this as we were going to do it in tooled leather and finances weren't and haven't been cooperative. I've since discovered the foam armor techniques (yes, I'm slow) and am now re-tackling this again. I'm not very active on this (or any other) forums, but will try to update as I have them. I gotta get the new double made first. Mock up started, but will have to re-do. I was hoping that I could get away w/ this old duct tape dummy, but that was ~25-35lbs ago and it's just simply too big for me. In either case.... I'm boots on the ground on this one again.
  6. Thought I'd show you all what it looks like since I got it on my 1st "Cartel Pack". I feel they did a pretty good job.
  7. ghostred7


    Doubtful for 501st application since there's only 1 source. If you wanna do it for yourself...go for it, it'd be awesome.
  8. Low weight/High rep circuit drills will help tone & burn away quicker as well. I usually do circuits and we're DONE after 15mins. Usually can't move arms next day, but still. I kinna do (on free weights, on chest & arms for example): Empty bar 45secs +10lbs 30secs +10lbs 15secs move to next station/muscle group It doesn't sound like alot...but i can assure you it is.
  9. Saw the cake on FB.....awesome! Great job as always on the costume itself!
  10. KotOR robes ^ That's why I made the association.
  11. Cool. You should tweak the time of the pictures a little. By the time the transition to the next picture is finished, it's moving on to the next one.
  12. Never realized it until now....but the medical robe is a lot like the KOTOR Jedi robes from KOTOR1 (sans sleeves).
  13. If it's denied for an already approved costume....usually, yes, they will tell you what to fix. If it's due to other reasons, i.e. not deemed Legion worthy...not sure. Dunno about any of that....that's more of a LMO/DL question.
  14. No, they're not SUPPOSED to. I believe (TCE/Pam, pls correct if wrong) that once a costume that is an accurate portrayal of the source material is presented, the costume goes before the Legion Council to be voted on/discussed/etc as a viable Legion costume. I'm thinking that this was a recent process with the induction of the first Starkiller training gear costume into the Legion. Understand that at no point in time, no matter what references, etc are out there, that it doesn't deem it eligible. As always, make the costume for yourself, not an organization.
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