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  1. I'm glad it went so well as Purimspiel. Very best of luck with the application. If interested I have a couple of suggestions to make it even better.
  2. Ok yes, as can be seen in the references, more often than not it is a ring *(not D). I wouldn't say anything goes, would want to match reference when possible. I should have introduced myself, I'm the model in the crl.
  3. I'm not sure I follow concrit. Are you looking for feedback on the belts? The standing joke is she uses the force to keep the sabers on there. There are many configurations (because comics). What reference are you looking at for d-rings?
  4. Yes, very best of luck with it and do tell if we can help.
  5. Hi Morian, you have quite a lot done, excellent. I really like the tabard, it is looking great. I wanted to check, the shirt looks to be black. Is that correct? It should be a dark blue for this version of Asajj, same as the skirt and top of the leggings. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Ventress_Clone_Wars On the wraps I think some stitching to keep it together would be helpful to prevent it from separating. I probably wouldn't glue them.
  6. My husband got a few new images for the first time in a while. Crazy I've been trooping as Asajj Ventress for about nine years now.
  7. I like how you did the back of the dress correctly and so far the sash is coming together nicely. The spacing of everything seems correct. I'd like to see the loin cloth longer, but that is more a preference of mine than a requirement I do have a concern about the visible stitching of the tacking down of the leggings. I'd say it needs to be tighter, but then there is always the problem of needing it to stretch. Perhaps you could do it with back-stitching. With mine, I had a ridge made with a round shoelace. then the tacking was done just below the ridge so it could be a little loser without showing Also, the grey straps on the boots and arms are a bit too light in color. A medium grey would be closer to reference. Perhaps, you could wash them with some darker colors so they don't stick out quite so much. One other thing. The arm wraps should come down over the end of the dress fabric on the hands. That is just a detail to remember when you are getting ready. And if you are able to figure out a way to keep the middle arm straps from falling down, I'd like to know your solution. Mine does that all the time. Annoying really I hope that you are able to finish it up a have it come together nicely
  8. Still unclear where the images are/were not showing... Snaps were used for the silver bits. I would sew the black down to the shirt on the bottom. Otherwise It will probably pull and not lay down well. It looks fine (not baggy).
  9. It is good to see your progress. On mine I have the broaches attached securing in front with larger Ditz snaps. Veclro may work, we were worried about it pulling free or being grabbed. It would be good to see the collar on you to ensure it isn't too baggy. From what I can see on the top broach, the button section appears to be a bit small and not shaped correctly. It should be tapered on top like the one on the belt area and on the ellipse above, like this: On the sash I have it Velcroed in the front and the tabard/loin cloth as a separate piece velcroed down to the belt area of the sash. The sash is also tacked down at the bottom edge of the black collar piece. It is also tacked down to other parts of the sash at various locations as needed to keep the sash pieces in the appropriate places. (best done while you are wearing it to see were tacking is needed) I hope it continues to progress well.
  10. Michael (IonicDesign) got them at a Thrift Shop, either from a belt or purse. I would definitely try that as it may time a little time but metal rectangles like she has can often be found. We may have some spares, I'd have to check.
  11. Just depends, mine is taffeta and is fine. Very low specularity, no shine. Have a look (get a sample if need be) and make an evaluation.
  12. I'm glad it is going well for you, the eyes look nice. On the tattoos, Michael shared a link to the template above, feel free and try that. It has worked well for us. Using a custom cut foam wedge like Jaguars_soul suggest sounds good too. I think Michael gets a wedge thick in the grease and pulls it across the open spot on the template. Having it firmly against the skin is key, but it works. The triangles are good for this as they were the original design and most closely match your costume. I'd recommend not mixing and matching the make-up/tattoo styles. In the comics they look like this with a pair on each cheek and fou on each temple, each representing her defeat of a Warlord who killed her family and Jedi Master: As she had a version of this costume in The Clone Wars you could also try this: My main concern would be that the colour remain consistent on the cap and your skin. Note that the eyes and lips make-up is different between the two styles. IN the first she has black on the lips and around the eyes (nail polish too). In TCW she has the lavender styled tattoos around the eyes and mulberry lips. Her nails are a pale grey.
  13. Sounds good. A natural sponge is really good for that. Alter between the two tones. Do tell how we can help further.
  14. It might be best to have a look on the Sith Lord Detachment as they've adopted Kylo. www.501stsithlords.com
  15. Hello. This costume (with some tweaks to be in the animation) is the Asajj Ventress: Attack of the Clones Concept version she wore in the Comics, and was the basis for the sideshow collectible, latter here in the animation, etc. http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Ventress_concept Certainly don't want do overs. Feel free and post questions here and either my husband (on the Legion membership team) or I will help if we can.
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