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  1. Hi team, I recently submitted the photos of my vest (front & Back) for CRL completion. I have replied to your PM regarding this costume I look forward to seeing your costume
  2. Hello everyone I have had this suit approved for quite a while and let me just say, the most time consuming part is trying to get the latex arms on/off without tearing any seams... I have been toying with the idea for some time now and am getting closer to looking at doing this. But first, I need to know.... can/will it still be approved? I love this suit and absolutely love wearing it when I can. I want to take it to the next level by making it all the more realistic with the torn flesh and hydraulics, metal and wires shown. Of course it does also hold a second meaning for me as I have played basketball for over 20 years and still do currently, so it symbolises my shooting hand lol I would love some feedback on this, or has anyone else done anything similar?
  3. As the Sith Stalker... Most commonly as above... "who are you?" But I have been called a "Transformer" having said that though... twice I have had children, both around 10-12, actually tell me who I was... I was astounded!!! Needless to say they got the biggest high fives and lots of praise from me
  4. Hi mate, I am one of those approved Stalkers. Please PM me and I will give you my FB details for you to add me and you can see all my photos for reference I purchased mine form Rob at MyWickedArmor, I needed to make a few minor changes to it, but still got it approved Don't give up
  5. Haha I just found one of my original threads
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