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  1. jabbathenutt

    Names Called While Trooping

    As the Sith Stalker... Most commonly as above... "who are you?" But I have been called a "Transformer" having said that though... twice I have had children, both around 10-12, actually tell me who I was... I was astounded!!! Needless to say they got the biggest high fives and lots of praise from me
  2. jabbathenutt

    Sith stalker

    Hi mate, I am one of those approved Stalkers. Please PM me and I will give you my FB details for you to add me and you can see all my photos for reference I purchased mine form Rob at MyWickedArmor, I needed to make a few minor changes to it, but still got it approved Don't give up
  3. jabbathenutt

    April 2018 - Damo, SL-7813

    Too awesome !! Thanks for that Zoomi
  4. jabbathenutt

    How many approved Stalkers are there??

    Haha I just found one of my original threads