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  1. DarthValkyria

    Arica blue dress build

    This one is just now crossing my desk. This specific one would need to include LMO input on if it would be approvable as we have required 360 views of costumes that are different from existing approved costumes, which I believe it is only this picture. It doesn't tell us what the boots look like or what the back looks like, and given that it differs from the approved version, we can't assume similarities. I would say it would be difficult to be able to validate this version.
  2. DarthValkyria

    Revan Saber?

    501st requires a, "New to the Legion" process for approval of costumes that are not publicly viewable on the official CRL page. It is probably similar to the RL one as you need to provide the 360 degrees of official references to denote accuracy to the references in the build. Once the costume is made and photos submitted with the references showing the 360, it goes to the LMO and DL to decide on if it is approved or not. After it is approved, it joins the public CRL list as approvable. It is just more work to do the new costume than an established one.
  3. DarthValkyria

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    If i recall, there were some specific differences in the dress, itself as the chest area is, for lack of a better term to come into my head right now, "pleated" differently, along with the sleeves. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/album/232-barriss-offee-traitor/
  4. I was camping out of town and was unable to change permissions, but everyone should be updated now!
  5. DarthValkyria

    Revan update. Blood-dragon, SL 4953

    Upgrades are coming along nicely!
  6. Congrats on being approved! Please post an image of you in your approved costume with some information about yourself and your costume process. Also include your TKID! We want to showcase our new members and welcome them into the Detachment with style
  7. DarthValkyria

    Revan Saber?

    The Revan hilt has low res game files and the Star Wars encyclopedia high res reference images located in the gallery. The link linked is specifically created for COTF Nihilus, hence the hilt name, Nihilist. Galaxy of Heroes has not had details submitted for approval as there are differences between it and KOTOR, so at this time, if they differ from the game file or encyclopedia photo references (both are pictured in the CRL) then they aren't usable for the currently approved Revan.
  8. DarthValkyria

    Visas Marr WIP

    The uniformity of the silver notch also makes me think that they had a, extra notch that was taken out as they were trimming the outline template and that the template was only used for 1 circle pattern at a time. It is too exact to be replicated that many times in the exact same spot.
  9. DarthValkyria

    Revan Saber?

    That is specifically the COTF Nihilus hilt, so no, it would not.
  10. DarthValkyria

    Darht Sion...anybody started yet on this character?

    I've seen people attempt this in the past, but have not seen any carried through to completion.
  11. DarthValkyria

    Hello from the Mountain Garrison

    Wonderful! I'm actually down in Albuquerque but meander up to Denver here and there to visit MG folks. Hopefully we'll run into one another at some point!
  12. DarthValkyria

    Revan Armor question

    It depends on if you can fully replicate the design without modifying it. That means no rivets, no extra straps, no buckles, no showing seams, etc. If you are able to do that and still include all the details, then I would have no issue.
  13. DarthValkyria

    Natalie's Mara Jade Build

  14. DarthValkyria

    Hello from idaho falls, Idaho

    @Flashheart is the Savage mentor and can get you going.
  15. DarthValkyria

    Hi from Canada & Arihnda Pryce CRL

    Youb submit to your GML who will submit to LMO and DL and we will go over it.
  16. DarthValkyria

    Revan Boot Material

    There isn't a consensus about the material, but I would say so long as the shape, lack of details, and heel stick to the references; and overall material use stays consistent throughout the boot (all one material) then it shouldn't be much of an issue.
  17. DarthValkyria

    Barriss Offee Traitor CRL Text

    Yeah, there was a whole confusion on the CRLs but the Traitor that was up was never actually approved. It was mislabeled back in the day when the actual Barriss costume (Asajj Disguise) was approved. All fixed now, so if someone wanted to go for Barriss (Traitor) approval, it would be a New to the Legion submission from scratch.
  18. DarthValkyria

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    A little late, but CONGRATS! If you have not already, make sure you request to be part of TFE in your 501st profile (post about details HERE) and apply for the Comm-Tower HERE.
  19. DarthValkyria

    help on a Grand inquisitor

    I believe this is the one Mauri has.
  20. DarthValkyria

    Darth Malgus without Respirator , Silicon Mask Prosthetic

  21. DarthValkyria

    Darth Traya

    Updates have been made and Gallery updated with reference photos.
  22. DarthValkyria

    Darth Traya

    Forgot to close this! I'll get you in contact with Eric so that we can get the edits going.
  23. DarthValkyria

    Hi from Canada & Arihnda Pryce CRL

    Crazy week! Yeah, IOC said it would be best served here.
  24. DarthValkyria

    Darth Nihilus KOTOR mask question

    For KOTOR II, no, his should not be approved. It is the skull shape for the COTF version that he just reuses for KOTOR II.
  25. DarthValkyria

    Seventh Sister Model Rips

    Also, if you have the models for the Brothers, that could be something to add to the Gallery reference images for future use!