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  1. I just use an Aker amp, and use the neck strap like a belt and hide it under my hakima. Then I run the headset wire up the back of my armor and just hide the mike inside the bottom of my mask. I put the headset on after my balaclava and the mask elastic I have holds it to my head. The hood hides it otherwise since it's all black.
  2. My wife tried to submit for the Traitor Bariss and they wanted her to do it all in brown colored material. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Dark Lord of the Sith, and Birthdays! Aren't the rest of you all jealous? You don't have birthday candle sabers! Made by a friend of mine from some photos from a fun shoot we did for my birthday today.
  4. I'm throwing this up in Off Topic since it refers to a 'good girl' in this case. My wife and I are looking to work up a Bastila Shan costume so we can pair up with myself as Revan when we troop. We have two issues: 1 - Neither of us have worked in the leather/pleather realm. She can sew well though. Is pleather a pain in the butt, and any recommendations on a good brand that approximates brown leather? 2 - Figuring out the layers/pattern. There are tons of reference shots at http://newsite.rebellegion.com/bastila-shan-knights-of-the-old-republic/ (albeit some are pretty poor due to game graphics) but I know some people out there have made this before. Anyone familiar with it, or know someone who is? We're not opposed to potentially getting outside assistance but so far the only option for that has turned out to be a cosplay vendor in China and I'm iffy on that. I posted asking on the Rebel forums, but there wasn't much response so I thought I'd try with the EU crew here! Thanks!
  5. I have the Anker amp and throat mic, but I haven't been able to find a 3.5 to 2.5 connector that works yet to join them up. They don't sell them locally in stores and the one I bought off amazon didn't cut it. I haven't actually gotten to try it yet. There is another guy in our group though that has it and seems to love it when he uses it, but he does a Stormtrooper. If I can ever find a good connector I will let you know how it goes.
  6. The mask straps are pretty much whatever works to keep it in place, comfortable for you, and black. Once you have the Balaclava on I really never feel it there anyway. Same really with armor straps. Make sure they are black and whatever is comfortable to hold it in place. It'll be covered by the cloak and hood so no one will ever really see them anyway.
  7. You'll just want to find a good shirt and add the tubing really somehow. I actually use a black long sleeve turtleneck and black corduroy pants under everything myself.
  8. Mine uses velcro to attach inside the chest plate. Normally my order is such: Hakima, Armor, Cloak, Hood. It can be a little awkward, but you can actually put on the whole thing solo with some practice. Mostly though I need someone to help adjust the hood once I've gotten everything else on to make sure it's straight even with the velcro piece in the hood to secure it to the mask.
  9. Looks great. Always good to have more Revan's out there representing!
  10. Can I guess that it's easier to focus on the details since the material is probably easier to work with just being a more standard smooth black rather than the stuff going into movie Ren? It looks great though and can't wait to see how it looks all put together.
  11. The Rebel Legion has a CRL for Imperial Knight. I'm not sure how that makes it for the 501st, but you could get in for sure over there
  12. Interesting to see who was in the parade. Vader minus helmet, Star Wars Rebels Vader? Darth Maul Stormtrooper? Was that early black armor Trooper supposed to be one of the new Death Troopers? Kudos to the sandpeople walking single file of course. Didn't expect to see Barf from Spaceballs in there. Got a few good FE costumes in there too! Also the second part of the video it looks like you picked up some new folks, and lost some from the first half!
  13. I'm not sure parodies count in this regard towards official approved costumes. That said, we've had someone down here who did a Matt costume, but it's not something they submitted for 501st approval. Just a 'for fun' costume to throw on at conventions.
  14. How did this go? Did someone get pictures?
  15. It takes some time as the admins aren't often about. You can also try looking up the Flagship Eclipse on Facebook. That has stuff posted on it occasionally. There is a private group for Detachment members on FB as well but you need to friend someone who can invite.
  16. Unfortunately, that's a little too far of a trip on short notice from New Orleans with family in tow, and we're already going to Pensacola with friends. Make sure someone takes lots of pictures though! Looks like lots of fun!
  17. Those pictures are great. There is just something inherently funny about Darth Maul chilling on a sofa with a bunch of folks.
  18. That sounds way more dangerous than funny though! I haven't been at any events where lots of alcohol is involved so that hasn't been an issue, plus I don't normally wander alone since I limited vision. Mostly it's the kids I can't see sneaking up on me but I try to keep a large area of awareness at least. I can't imagine dancing too much because I have a hard enough time walking up stairs without stepping on my hakima as it is! I'm glad I didn't faceplant while trying to dance! I'm sure I looked like a total goober though.
  19. We were finishing up a troop at the Aquarium of the Americas here in New Orleans and were on our way out when we stopped for a few guys to take one more picture. A guy came up to me and got my attention to ask if I had ever done the running man before, and if I would do the running man with him while his buddy recorded it. So here I am in full Revan costume, I don't really dance at all, but hey, who am I to refuse a request for someone, right? Yea, I did my best to do the running man with this guy. Fortunately I guess I performed accurately because he seemed pretty excited afterwards. I just never certainly expected a request like that when I started trooping with the 501st. Fortunately, my wife and other friends weren't around to video me as well! Anyone else had any wacky type requests?
  20. First off, nice mask!. Looks like you'll have a much better range of vision than what I have with the Wicked Armor one at least. The hakima I have doesn't have ties or anything, the waist band at the top is a solid loop to thread a belt through it. I just use a normal leather belt in it to hold it up. Also, if you haven't thought about it yet for the armor rings that hang off the bottom (not the primary ring), I picked up a bunch of solid nickle plated rings: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Lehigh-200-lb-x-3-16-in-x-1-1-2-in-Nickel-Plated-Welded-Steel-Rings-2-Pack-7065S-12/100121681 Used some black leather strips we picked up from Michaels arts and crafts (they sell bags of leather scraps for cheap) to make the strips to hold them. All told I spent around 13.00 - 14.00 to update those 12 rings on the front/back armor and they look really good.
  21. I have grown powerful enough to take my place among many whose names shall be spoken of for eternity! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20876 Detachment access please!
  22. Kylo Revan


    Trooping pictures to share
  23. From the album: SL-13312

    My first troop along with my wife as Barriss Offee, and my daughters as a Jedi and Rey.
  24. So I just finished my first troop as Revan yesterday. I didn't have a mic or anything. If the noise wasn't too bad then it seemed folks didn't have too big a problem hearing me. We were in a relatively close space with lots of people/kids coming through so when it filled in even getting pretty close people had a harder time understanding. Our local XO suggested putting the mic under the balaclava if needed and attaching the speaker to one of my backplate armor rings perhaps, though that may make sitting a bit harder than it can be already. I'm holding off for a bit to see how different size events work out talking to people at least.
  25. Walking around the house my wife tells me she can hear and understand me just fine. I have a pretty loud and deep voice so it may be unnecessary. I'll see what happens when I get into a more public setting on Sunday!
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