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  1. Hi I made mine in one piece - as to a pattern, I havent found one yet, so I just winged it... you can see my build here : https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3864-wip-nihilus-coft/ It is a bit hard to explain but I put velcro inside the vacumformed hood, sewed velcro on the fabric, attached it and then pulled it over the hood and down the back. For the front of the hood, I sewed in a piece of fabric to hide the gape between the form and the mask, I made the knot in front at the chest and shortened the cape, done.
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  2. We have a couple people close to submitting in the fb group. The finishing of the neck seal is their last step. But as far as I know, there's no official CRL yet.
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  4. Sorry for not seeing this thread before, but it is the Holidays and we are all doing this on our free time, that said - no costume is approvable out of the box, neither is the WA, but yes, others have been approved with the WA after making adjustments. It would be nice to get a clear message as to what your GML told you to adjust, instead of you only writing :" Rejected flat out" and then "The Skirt, The Tunic, the Cape, and my Hood were inaccurate/incorrect" I can tell you, what I have noticed : You´ll need to adjust your cape to go over your shoulders and down the back (not down y
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  5. I have wanted to make this version of Mara Jade for quite awhile. My only current approved Mara is the Arica disguise and can't really wear that to troops. My main issue was the bodysuit. I can sew but I don't have a serger and knew to get the proper fit, I would need one. I also was extremely confused on the diamond pattern and how to make it work properly. My last issue was budget. I can't afford to commission this so I knew that if I wanted to do this costume, I would have to make it myself, with help. I was very fortunate that my friend offered to assist me in my build and yester
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