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    Decided to try and build a Sith Acolyte. This will be my first 501st costume. Cast and painted the helmet so far. Just need to do some more weathering to it. Working on armour and starting to chase down some of the other components. Painted the light saber. Still needs some more pieces added and paint finished and weathered.
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    Hey all. I have been rocking an approved COTF Nihilus for at least a couple years. I love it, but I wanted to try out the old school version. Went with the Wicked Armor version with a modded mask (the one they offer has too big of circles on the details compared to the cover art from KOTO II. I used foam cut to shape for the breast plate. As much as it pains me not to use my fancy Nihilus saber, went with a plain KOTOR hilt. Not wild about the breast plate-looks kind of like a pot belly- but it is a lot cooler than COTF so should work fir warmer weather, which was kind of the idea. Also got a bit cheeky with the first mask off image. Thoughts?
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    Right? I want to get mine as soon as possible, but I also made sure to tell em, i get it, everything on the planet is delayed right now, so if i have to wait, i'm not gonna be upset.. Hopefully they help you out! and thanks, I look forward to getting set up! :)
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    Very nice work when you get the the skirts and cape adjusted in lenght the fabric looks like it will flow very well. You will need to hide the ends of the knot, I did it by sewing them behind the knot on the inside. And yes the tunics needs to cross left over right. Personally I would shorten the tunics bottom edge as it would be more as to the CRL ref. : https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_darth_nihilus , so it sit a bit higher, and make sure the sleeves are straight, when you put them on, they are a bit twisted
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    Love that fabric you're using for the cape and tunic and skirt. Is this taken in a mirror? The tunics need to go left over right.
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    Agreed. Attached at shoulders to cape and hanging down the front.
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    Lighting aside, the separate tunic still stands.
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    Made for my wife however ever so slightly too big for her build. Jaw comes in seperate piece which makes it easier to put on. Jaw clips on or can be fitted with magnets. Just needs a red visor! £120 Sent from my Pixel 3a using Tapatalk
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    Well, it has been some time, since I have made a new costume, but now I am finally at it again, and after having made 3 Nihilus costumes for others, 2 COFT and 1 KOTOR, I decided to go with the COFT version. This will be my 3rd TFE and my 9th 501st. costume . What can I say other than I love to make costumes, to find all the right parts and getting it all together. I´ve already done : inner and outer tunika quilted and ribbed sleeves innerskirt obi got the boots and gloves sorted out primed the two masks primed the formed hood from Twilék Pam Now I need to put the belt together, got all the parts - just need a leather hole tool, think my dad may have one otherwise I´ll have to use a nail and hammer I need to give the masks and the formed hood the final coats. I also need to make the outer skirt and get the right length on the cape + find a way to attach it to the formed hood (thinking snaps or magnets) + shorten the sleeves + get the parts tattered. Guess a 2-3 weeks, then I should be ready to send in the pics for the GML team...
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    Hello from Japan. I'm working on Darth Margas. Thank you for your opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks, indeed it is - got both my sons with me on troops, and my oldest turns 18 in August, so I´m in the making of his 501st. costume also. No rest for the wicked LOL