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Hi All,   Im in the middle of Researching a Acolyte build and thought that we could all weight in with our findings, vendors, and any recommended upgrades along the way.


Saber - Id  like to ask about the color of the saber blade.  For those that used VadersVault : did you go with the Red or Red/Orange?    Siths obviously Red but not seeing theirs in hand, if their Red a good Solid Red or find the Red/Orange a closer match to KOTOR. 


Armor - Whos the good vendors out there?  Seen Wolfgang and MynocksDen used,  but how is Mynocks new ABS line?


Mask -  Seen Wolfgangs, MynocksDen, and Wicked Armor.   What are your findings,  who offers a back enclosure for theirs.


Neck Seal - Ive seen a few diff ones,  whos did you use?


Gloves - CRL says tactical,  any recommendations? 


Boots - Seen a few use Tactical Jungle boots,  thoughts?


Neck Robe - Seen some use MystikMechant ,   Thoughts to those that used this vendor?  any other recommendations. 


Belt Pouches and Belt - Looking to do  Webbed  or leather material Belt and Matching Pouches.  What have you use?


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I have heard good things about Mynock's abs line, though I would have been partial to grabbing a set of the fiberglass. 

Hopefully others can chime in on what they used.

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