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  1. Thexan and Arcann

    I found Arcann's mask on Thingyverse so im gonna get that printed and go from there. Erika is gonna hook me up with a bunch of reference pics and ill start from there
  2. Thexan and Arcann

    So not sure if this is even the right forum but hey lol. Knights of the fallen empire brothers Thexan and Arcann, are they flagship or are they RL?? After I build this secret costume I want to do something never seen before and leaning toward one of them but not sure since I cant find them anywhere in 501st or RL.
  3. Darth Nihilus voice program.

    If you start building these id be interested. I can fix a Harley all day but doing something like this scares me.
  4. COTF Nihilus WIP

    Hell yes. looks awesome man.
  5. 501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

    Nothing to see here, move along, move along
  6. Hello from Tampa!!!

    Welcome to the best detachment !!!
  7. SL-64646 Reporting for Duty! (and a technical question)

    I have used black safty pins. The Velcro for my center knot keeps coming undone so i don't trust it. Only down side someone has to help me.
  8. Boots for The Thicker-Calved Gentleman?

    Is there anyway you can put them in water, let me soak really good and leather becomes stretchy. Not sure if it would go that big but might be an option
  9. A'Sharad Hett Wip By Lasombrant

    Only way I got mine approved by what was on the main site. If you get approved with these awesome. Im just stating what happened to me.
  10. A'Sharad Hett Wip By Lasombrant

    Pouches wont work (sorry) they need to have 4 rivets on the outside and close on the bottom. I got declined on mine for my boxes so I had to have them made exactly like the picture. Boots look good but WAY to clean lol Lenses on mine I put on the base of the stalk (close to you face) it might be easier to see that way, Mine fogged up bad until I put the fans in. Bucket looks good. If too me two years to build mine (big move to Thailand helped lol) so if you need pointers or anything please message me.
  11. Feedback for COTF Darth Nihilus

    Gloves def wrong should be smooth. Cape need to drape on back( I pin mine to my shoulders so it wont go in front ) Cape should "nearly" touch the floor so it does look a bit short, but if you put it behind your shoulders it might help some.
  12. My Nihilus in progress

    Welcome to the forums first off Second imagine a sheet attached to your forehead, putting a knot by your throat and the rest touching the floor. That's pretty much how the cape works in the easiest way to describe it. If you want let me know I can get you pics of mine
  13. Latex allergy question

    Supe solv is the best thing ever. Prosaide is what I use to do fx make up all the time. It sticks like super glue with out killing your skin. I had a reaction to liquid latex with I did a head cast but I can wear foam latex no problem. Theres another glue that's super strong called Telesis. I use it on my chin in my Clown. Only way it doesn't peal off after time. Only thing about silicone is when you take it off you need to let it dry completely (sweat) before you do anything with it. Im not sure about how many times you can reuse it, but I know people use silicon masks with no glue and they reuse over and over.
  14. Savage Opress vest

    Shave your head and instant bald cap lol But serious if you know a make up artist they can make you a skull cap with the horns built in, Then just have to blend to your face. Rather expensive but it works. Our maul here has a latex bald cap that's painted with the horns attached. Doesn't look perfect but he wont shave his head. It works for him.
  15. Stretching PVC Boots

    I just did some research, there saying to use heat on the outside and use a towel or something on the inside to push it out to the desired width. They say use a hair dryer for best results but avoid heat gun because it might melt the boot. Hope it helps