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  1. Gigglesdatropper

    Darth Bane

    Yes please !!!!
  2. Gigglesdatropper

    Nihilus COTF WIP

    Costumes are never finished, just tweaked lol Looks good except for what Nina said. Keep up the work
  3. Gigglesdatropper

    Nihilus WIP

    Ok let me chime in for a second. WMA out of the box isn't approvable. You need two tunics and his only comes with one, also he doesn't include a belt. I have one and I had to get those before I could get mine approved. Belt can be made easy ( would do it but cheaper and easier for me to have someone do it here for me) Gloves I have regular gaunlets for mine that they were great. (off ebay) Boots im using old officer boots, top are raggid but no one sees them.
  4. Gigglesdatropper

    My Nihilus build

    Are you doing the belt same as pictured above??
  5. Gigglesdatropper

    FS A Shared Hett 400 plus shipping

    Im selling my approved Hett. Im 5'8 about 185 and 10 1/2 boot(there more like 12) Im asking 400 plus shipping Comes with everything but respirator and boots Hilts included but blades might be better to buy somewhere else as the shipping on a box that size would be crazy. I can fit everything in one box no issue. Any questions please ask. Thanks for looking
  6. Gigglesdatropper

    TrooperTalk app

    How it works its a voice changer. You can tweak it to make your voice sound totally different. I just ordered cables and stuff to play with it more but I just use it for the clone loop right. It might be a hard time to tweak it that much to sound like nihilus. But ill let you know after the first of the year.
  7. Gigglesdatropper

    TrooperTalk app

    No his app only has limited features but i just looked and it does have jawa and tusken added. No sith lords and not sure if hes going to. Its a cool app as i have played with it for my clone but i have a few different costumes i can use it with
  8. Gigglesdatropper

    Issues on WA Nihilus build?

    Just keep in mind WA does not come with two tunics only comes with one and does not come with belt, gloves, boots or balaclava.
  9. Gigglesdatropper

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    I have a generic one from a guy in Taiwan and its super bright but no where near the right one. You can find people who can make an exact replica but you will pay a ton for it. Most gml's or garrisons wont mind if you don't have the exact right one since its not required to get approved. If you want to get 100% accurate then buy all means have at it. As far as fabric mines like duck cloth but I cant remember the exact name.
  10. Gigglesdatropper

    Looking for ideas for my first costume

    Which nihilus are you going to go with?? Check the CRL because the COTF Nihilus needs to have two tunics. MWA one only comes with one. He will make a second one with no issue but of course you have to pay for it. Its the one I have and out of the box needed no tweaking just the belt, boots, gloves and balaclava. I do suggest if you go with MWA by a black out face ( the spandex type), The plastic piece he sells is ok to see out of but sometimes if can be a pain and the hole need to be opened up a bit more for breathing. Let me/us know if you have any questions.
  11. Gigglesdatropper

    Thexan and Arcann

    I found Arcann's mask on Thingyverse so im gonna get that printed and go from there. Erika is gonna hook me up with a bunch of reference pics and ill start from there
  12. Gigglesdatropper

    Thexan and Arcann

    So not sure if this is even the right forum but hey lol. Knights of the fallen empire brothers Thexan and Arcann, are they flagship or are they RL?? After I build this secret costume I want to do something never seen before and leaning toward one of them but not sure since I cant find them anywhere in 501st or RL.
  13. Gigglesdatropper

    Darth Nihilus voice program.

    If you start building these id be interested. I can fix a Harley all day but doing something like this scares me.
  14. Gigglesdatropper

    COTF Nihilus WIP

    Hell yes. looks awesome man.
  15. Gigglesdatropper

    501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

    Nothing to see here, move along, move along