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  1. swfangirl

    Visas Marr build help

    Pam’s guide was a big help to me http://chucrew.com/Visas/visas.html
  2. swfangirl

    Member Program Fundraiser 2017

    donation sent
  3. Request detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=14141&costumeID=114 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=14141&costumeID=115
  4. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    Both have been approved! I took a few wip pics over the last few months, I'll add some details for what I did to make this soon
  5. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    I had to shorten the veil by an inch or so, but otherwise it is good to go
  6. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

  7. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    I have been working on this on and off for a while and I've finally got it to a point where it's about ready to submit. I did both versions of the underdress and veil
  8. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    I took a look at the fabric at Walmart and found a few options. They are cotton so not as soft as I wanted but still might work. The one on the right is what I'm leaning towards Here are a few more, the one on the right is the same one from above
  9. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    Would the middle darker fabric color work? I didn't like the fabric texture, but if the color is right I will use that as a reference for other textures
  10. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    I wondered that, here is some material I had at home. It looks totally different in natural light versus inside light. The lighter red fabric is some I have that I thought about using for the belt. The black fabric was pleather type fabric
  11. swfangirl

    Swfangirl visas marr build

    I am starting my visas build of the unseen unheard version, would one of these colors work for the inner dress/headpiece, and the outer dress? In the light In the shadow Another option Here's a jersey knit, ok color but not sure on the fabric