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  1. DAngel

    IK Russia

    Thank you for your answer, Thomas! To make new armor pieces by myself seems an obvious solution, but I even don't know how should I make it. I have some plastic, but it is very soft and suitable only for simple forms. It would really helpful if you could point me to the possible variants of making new ones.
  2. DAngel

    IK Russia

    Sorry, I haven't absolutely understood your question. Do you mean who made it? My friend from Finland. He's not "professional saber-maker" - his hobby is electronics and sometimes he makes sabers) Cloak and hood. They are one color, I just haven't the best camera on the phone. I love knight's cloaks and I incredibly like their hoods. For this reason, I spent a lot of time to find a suitable fabric. I like when things are realistic, so the cloak - with an admixture of wool. It's a little bit heavy, but but it fits and drapes well. I love the idea of ​​a collar and hood. I had to break a head to think about how it should lies and how to make min visible stitches. I know that the hood is usually not required, so that the hood is fastened separately.
  3. DAngel

    IK Russia

    Thank you Alan. Few pic of saber I decided to be Marasiah Fel (not a surprise, , yes? ) - she has Arctic blue blade. But also I want use armour for my own custom IK char, so I have silver blade also. One saber - 2 colors
  4. Hello! I decided to make Ik costume, but I have few questions: Actually only 1 seller makes this kits now. But, they don't differ in size. Only now seller did new size of chest and back wrap plates for girls smaller than Princess Sandy. But all the rest part stay the same. I know it, cause me and few other girls bought his kits and found that bracers are good for big man or we can use them as kneecap or something like that. Same situation with spaulders. In order to reduce the difference somehow, had to make the lining from batting. I suppose you imagine how hot it is. I can't say, that we are too small - we have "standard forms" like 90-60-90 +|- few cm, but have not the highest growth For example, today my smaller upper armor arrived. Note that the seller doesn't make all the other smaller parts. As you can see Small one with standard spaulders Standard one Standard bracers If you notice, on the shoulder and bracer are shaped patterns. In contrast to the armor of the same scout, there is no chance to cut it so as not to damage the overall look. Is there any advice how tomake shoulders and bracers better? And what about soft parts - are they ok? PS Sorry for bad appearance. Rainy day =(
  5. Thank you very much for this decision, Damian! Seems fair to all affected characters =)
  6. Good day to all! I just saw what had happened. I absolutely don't agree with this decision. First, I don't understand why the issue wasn't raised in the council? Why it looks like a whim a few people? Secondly, why wasn't voting? Thirdly, why nobody warned owners of such chars? Well, in a quote Damien already have a contradiction: Lumiya (Dark Lady of the Sith) That is the Lady - it's not female analogue of Lord? This smacks of discrimination! Exar Kun also suddenly has no title Darth. He is dark sider but not a Sith Lord? Ludo Kresh, Freedon Nadd. Already did Sincerely, Alyona
  7. Good day! Today I saw new q from newcomer who would like to make costume of Lord Hethrir http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hethrir He wanted to know what images it is best to use for this costume? Thank you for your help.
  8. DAngel

    Darth Caedus

    Hello there! I wanna to introduce our achievements on the costume of Jacen Solo. Requirements on the costume we haven't found, so act according to conscience. I'd love to hear some comments and observations to help the owner of the costume to improve it and become a member of the Legion. By the way, Jason's lightsaber is also present and it works. Photos more closely will come later. Thank you all for your time and help. UPD: Full gallery: http://s1063.photobucket.com/user/Alyon ... dus?page=1
  9. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    Here is the final summary of my Lumiya costume. Sorry for the quality - I made these photos at home, not in studio.
  10. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    I think I should summarize what I have. Images can be clicked to see higher resolution. The pictures above shows a high-heel shoes, but I have made silver ballet-style slippers. Also I have made lines on my chest armor like on original Lumiya's armor. In 12 hours I will make full photos of my costume with flat shoes and lines on armor.
  11. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    Hello again) Thanks, Daritha Here you can see what we have done with the shoes. Image is clickable for higher resolution. And we have completed the chest armor.
  12. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    Hello again) I have finally solved the problem with the shoes. Should I make a photo of me with them on, or it will be better to do it later, when all other parts will be approved? I'll send photos of armor in a few days. We repainted it and now it should dry out.
  13. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    Hi again! Here are photos of stockings without heels. P.S. Obickay, it's okay, I just realized)
  14. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    I think a misunderstanding occured in our conversation... =( In this topic I had already added links to photobucket gallery of my costume: http://s1063.photobucket.com/albums/t50 ... ik/Lumiya/
  15. DAngel

    Dark Angel`s Lumiya

    Err.. And what is this?)