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    Some of my favorites I've gotten as Darth Nihilus: Darth Maul (no real shock there) Thor (no clue how the kid came up with that one) Mulan (dad was possibly drunk, or raciest, or both...) And today I heard this story from one of my local troopers talking to a little girl dressed as a stormtrooper - "Well, I'm going to go over there and talk to Darth Vader with the skeleton face ...bye!"
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    A’sharad Hett by navarre1095, on Flickr A’sharad Hett by navarre1095, on Flickr A’sharad Hett by navarre1095, on Flickr A’sharad Hett by navarre1095, on Flickr A’sharad Hett by navarre1095, on Flickr A’sharad Hett lightsaber by navarre1095, on Flickr
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    THIS MAKES ME HAPPY TO SEEEEEE. Also, do you have both a front and back set or just front?
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    I used hot glue myself. It works well, but be careful on the side rings, makes the fit a bit tighter where the front and back armor come together.
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    I am really needing to update my armor and I thank you so much for your photos. Did you attach the leather for the rings with glue or another type of adhesive?
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    Due to the elastic straps snapping that held the gauntlet armor in place, I used industrial velcro squares to attach them now.
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    Update, removed the strings attaching the rings and replaced with leather.
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    If its a Black Costume, Darth Vader is the number one mistaken name used. In my Starkiller hoth, I don't get names, I get questions "Who the hell are you?" In my Jawa, I get called a Tusken Raider. In my Malakili, again no names, just the reply that "that is probably the most comfortable costume in all of Star Wars". When outside in the hot sun, "That is the Smartest Costume"! Not trooped in my Garindan yet, but I will find out next week what comments I get in that costume.
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    Honestly, sometimes it makes sense why some costumes are where they are currently, and sometimes it's like they played a game of pin the costume in the detachment. (I say this as we are going through approval for Mandalore the Ultimate in TFE) It just comes down to who would best supply the knowledge and expertise coinciding with the costume in build and organization. In this case, I would probably say IOC, but the difference in the uniform may prove otherwise. Who really knows at this point? Regardless, you're more than welcome to have build stuff here for it no matter where the costume ends up. Just make sure you can find full 360 degree references (need FULL details for back, front, and both sides).
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    So I am on the books with a Nihilus, but once you go EU, you never go back. I have been working on it for a while, and I think I finally have a workable Revan. To get it, I have 2 Revans worth of parts. Will likely be looking to sell the extra sometime soon. I want to do a Becoming Revan video before I do so I can look at different parts from different makers. Still need to adjust a piece of Velcro, change the cape tie, and submit for approval, but more or less a finished product i think.
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    Will have to update it with my new build when I have the pics, but I'm happy with the work.
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