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    Hi folks ! This is my work on Darth Revan, the mighty Sith. I'm eager to work and a bit terrorised to fail so my life is full of emotions theses days I started it on the 13th of November and plan on finishing it on the 13 of December for a special screening I want to attend with two friends (who will be also in costumes ^^) (so I created a google folder to stock the pictures cause my upload rate in absurdly low right now ^^ : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Fj02hdtmweervFOLevfZZocHB35k8Rzu?usp=sharing ) I found a nice fabric in a big fabric market in Paris that seemed okay for the hood and I bought a bunch more to try and to the hakama because why spare a challenge when you can (barely) afford ? I also baught some raw leather to make the armor, and thinner black armore for the middle part of the armor. I also find a nice pair of boots (kind of cheap) First I started with the hood, because it seemed the easiest part. Spoiler alert, it wasn't. I started with a prototype in another fabric to try and see how things went and how I should assemble the parts and it gave me this. That looked okay so I decided to cut in the real fabric and managed to do something like this : (bonus cat) The problem is that the pleat ar not really straight and the pleat don't cover nicely the one below, andthey aren't narrow enough for my liking. Long thing short I'm gonna redo this as soon as possible. I followed with the cloak and it was better, easier. I did a litlee bit of math to get sure I got enough fabric, pin it together, sew and it I like the look of it. I took some pictures of the first Hood with the cloak and it seems fine for nw but I'll change the hood. I follow with the hakama and followed this tutorial : http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.fr/2010/11/how-to-cosplay-making-hakama-simple-way.html It wasn't so hard once I get used to make the pleat so I managed it quite okay Now what's left ? Armore (back and front) : in hard leather Belt, in hard leather O ring in wood ? Gloves in thin leather or to buy Arm protection in hard leather Mask, probably to buy I really don't have the skill for this stuff Anyway this is it for now, I'll keep you folks up to date as soon as I make progress !
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    Hi everyone! I'm prospective member of Ukraine Outpost and I'm going to do Mother Talzin costume for approve me as 501st member. So I decided to create this topic to show my work step by step. There is no clear CRL yet for this character, so I'll better to show all process and correct possible mistakes during processing, it's much easier than remaking of finished costume. Also I hope that my research will be usefull to next people who will do this character. So firstly what exactly parts does it consist of. I analyzed Talzin's stuff and see there the next items: 1) Top with long sleeves. Red with pattern sleeves decorated with reddish brown stripe, other part is plain red. 2) Leggings. Red fabric with the main pattern. 3) Neck piece. It's rather collar of the top, but as my sewing experience shows, it's much easier to do it as a separate piece. Plain red, has thick bubbled ruffles. 4) Bodice. Reddish brown as sleeves decoration and the same matherial. V-shape neckline to the collarbone. I was thinking a lot about quantity of the stripes. There are only 6 visible, but seam lines on the bust part points that there are another pair covered with skirt. 5) Shoulder pieces. The same patterned fabric as on sleeves and leggings. The length of single piece is easy to determine according to arm length. It should be from shoulder to wrist. 6) Skirt. Made of red matherial similar to the backing color of sleeves/leggings/shoulders but with large dark red pattern. Underlayed with some tight matherial to keep shape. Consist of three pieces. Side pieces are 1/2 wide of the middle back piece on the hem line. The length could be determined according to leg length. In the original it's about 2/3 of hip to floor. 7) Criss-cross scarf (tabards?). Made of the same fabric as sleeves/leggings/shoulders. The left piece cross over the right one both at front and back. 8 ) Pleated sash with belt and decorative stripes. The sash itself fitted to body shape. It's made of plain red matherial and has 4 pleats over waist line and 3 under waist line. Brown belt is made of leather-like matherial few tone lighter that bodice and sleeves decorations. Two decorative stripes on the front (floor long, the same matherial as sleeves/leggings) and two short on the back (the same color and matherial as belt) 9) Back "wings" 10) Headpiece 11) Boots 12) Makeup About the fabrics. I did pattern based on the screenshots and printed it on a fabrics (polyester for most pieces and matte spandex for leggings). I also added weathered texture which also visible on the original fabric. Skirt pattern is in progress yet, but I will print it also on polyester. For the bodice I purghased reddish brown faux leather. And here are the fabrics itself. It's both looks allmost identical, spandex just a bit softer. (I need shoot it outdoor in daylight, indoor light "eats" the colors) And the bodice pattern unassembled/assembled on a dressform. About the back shape - I did it repeating the "wings" piece. That's I have at the moment. I will add new materials as I work on the costume. PS: my English is far from ideal, but I keep practice and I'll be really appreciated if you'll notice me about possible mistakes. PPS: and thanks to @romero4444 from this thread. He collected really great references base.
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    Hi , I'm Daya (Danielle) from Luxembourg. I just finished a Visas Marr SL 21118 . I'm happy to have joined the legion.
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    Looking pretty neat!
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    Hi! I’m Kimia from Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas hoping to become a member of the Star Garrison. I am interested in helping build the CRL for Barriss Offee. I love the detail and passion that goes into the creation of these characters, and I want to be a part of the group responsible for them. The fun and charity of the 501st are also reasons for wanting to join.
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    Those look beautiful!
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    For the Sister I've made in the past, a suiting fabric (similar to what is used for officer uniforms) has worked for the coat and pants. I lined it in a cheap red cotton fabric, since most linings are shiny and I didn't want the lining to have a sheen. I have also seen the pants made out of spandex with great success. I would say it all depends on the material that you would prefer to work with. As for gloves, I had to make them for my customer because I haven't seen a pair of gloves in that color combination. I am currently unaware of any vendors that do any of the soft parts for this character currently, but maybe someone else will know?