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    Hi I got mine custom made by Hampton´s lightsabers - I sadly do not think, that he is doing any anymore due to illness, but he made it so I can shift between a red blade and a yellow blade. I do not have sound in it, cause I absolutely hate it when I am of for long troops + it drains the batteries faster. I am also a duel member and you can see my saber here.
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    Hi all! I was comissioned by Lorilei to make the KOTRII Visas Marr, which I'm really excited about doing. I've made the Unseen, Unheard version and am an approved member with that version, but I've never actually made the KOTR II Version. Browsing on here, I had a few questions about the color Red needed for the dress. When I see the word "Dark Red", I personally think like Crimson or Dried Blood kind of red, but I was noticing some of the pictures on here seem almost like just red. So I have a couple of fabrics swatches to compare. First is the 4 swatches without flash and with flash. No Flash without flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr With Flash with flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr Personally, I like swatch 3. The feel and weight of it are really nice (I almost want to switch over it completely for all my Visas Marr comissions). But I'm not sure on the color. I almost think the color of Swatch 4 is better. I make this outfit regularly, but like I said, I usually do the Unseen Unheard version, so the fabric I have in stock for the sash is kind of a dark red. The follow pics compare the samples I like to the sash fabric I have on hand. Without Flash sash without flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr With Flash sash with flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr Again, I'm kinda of leaning toward swatch 3, but I think 4 would propbably be the best. Thank you so much for your opinions!
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    I was approved in both the RL and 501st with an Ultrasaber Shock. It's bigger than I'd like and bit awkward in my hands. When I tried to replace the pommel with a more accurate one it managed to make it look bulkier and odd. But it shipped super quick, was in my budget, and is still working well after a couple of years. I'm planning on replacing it with a Vader's Vault Rev-n at some point to have something more accurate and a better fit for my hands. A friend of mine has one and I love it, he has a couple other sabers from them and also heartily recommends them. I have a Saberforge, the sound stopped working after a few months and then the light stopped working after a year. A couple of friends of mine had issues getting theirs shipped in time for an event recently... and they had ordered waaaaaaaaay in advance.
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    I have the Saberforge Adamant, and my Visas Marr costume has been approved for both the 501st and Rebel Legions. As Yankee71 stated above, Saberforge has a bad reputation (something I did not know when I ordered my saber). I haven’t had any problems yet, but I’m preparing for the day when the electronics fail. From what I read, orders placed through Etsy ship faster than those through their website. With that said, unless you are on a budget or in a hurry, Vader’s Vault has an excellent reputation and are worth the wait. If you like tinkering with electronics, there’s also The Custom Saber Shop. They usually have components that will work for Visas Marr’s saber.
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    This pic turned out rather small, making it really hard to see.
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    Hi You ´ ve done a beautiful job on this, love the golden pattern on the sleeves - only worry I have is, that your pinwheels may be to bright in the color, hoping it is because of the light perhaps ? The CRL states, that it needs to be a faint gray.
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    Have my rings pulled off, to add the new red lining around the bottom. I think that red accent will really make it all pop though.
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    Hi all. Visas Mar costume has been commissioned and while that's being made I'm looking at lightsabers. I'm literally at the point of tears. OK, to be honest, I did cry already, but only because I spent too many hours at one time looking until I got confused and everything started to look the same. Every time I think I find one that meets the CRL for the emitter area, I realize it's too Darth Revan-ish. Every time I find one with the bands just being towards the emitter and not all down the handle, the emitter is all wrong and it doesn't appear there's a way to change or add to the emitter. And some of them have pommels that are way off and it doesn't appear that there are options to change the pommel. For fully customizable sabers, I don't think Kyberlight offers much and what they offer doesn't seem to be what I need. These are the ones I've seen that I've considered: The Ultra Sabers Shock The Ultra Sabers Arbiter The Ultra Sabers Savior With Black Accents The Ultra Sabers Liberator V3 The Ultra Sabers Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 The Saber Forge Adamant The Saber Forge Fallen A Kyberlight saber with the silver shroud, plasmafier, and pulsar pommel accessories The Vader's Vault REV-N Standard I also found this on etsy, but I'm afraid to take a risk on something that isn't manufactured by a saber business that's been around for a while, and this saber is 3D printed but costs as much as one from the aforementioned businesses. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but I can't afford a $300.00 mistake. Has anyone ever purchased a saber from this etsy shop? They said that they could make the hilt silver for me and not black. I am absolutely in love with Ultra Sabers Savior with black accents, but I don't think the black replacing the gold is enough to make it stop screaming, "VISAS MARR STOLE DARTH REVAN'S LIGHTSABER! GET HER!" Or is it? If I could find a way to replace the pommel on that one, does it come close enough to the one in the CRL then? Any and all opinions and comments are welcome. I've managed to take something that should be fun and make it painful by researching nonstop for a solid week and need to step back and occupy myself with something else for a while. I'm at the point where everything looks like it matches while at the same time everything looks wrong. I don't want a passable saber; I want the best one possible.
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    Not a problem. Here are a few photos.
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    They are two different LEDs. When I ordered it, I selected the option where you can easily swap out the led part to whatever color you want. There is a clip on the led wires that let you do this. It is a bit hard to explain, but I can take a picture if that would be helpful.
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    Hi Welcome - looking forward to seeing your progress, do you have a WIP thread in here ? if not, please do so, it is much easier for us mentors to help out, when we can follow the progress and see some pics a long the way
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    Hi I would say fabric no.3 also for the KOTOR version dress - as to the sash, yes perhaps the no. 3 would work - is it possible to see those two fabric layed out on the same pic please ?
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    Just throwing this out there but I have a Ultra Saber Shock (with sound) that has both red and purple leds that can be swapped out that I'm going to be selling since I'm upgrading to a different saber. I would like it to go to a good home.
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    Thanks everyone for your input. <3 I want the Vader's Vault REV-N, but I may end up with the Ultra Sabers Shock for price reasons.
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    You could do that, and then just repaint the gold part silver. Also worth mentioning, the blade that comes with all sabers is a translucent white. For long events or events outside, you will run out of battery power at some point if in constant use, plus in daylight it doesn't look that spectacular. Hours of hearing the lightsaber sound is also annoying after so long. I ordered a Vader's Vault "Day Blade" in Red, now I don't really turn the saber on as its always red. I do turn it on for photo ops, but normally i carry the saber in the off mode 99% of the time. I am a Fan of Vaders Vault, not just because of their workmanship, but also because of their warranty. Saber Forge has some really nice saber bodies, just their electronics is on the crap end of the spectrum. Getting a SF body, and then having someone else do the electronics is another option people do. Some people get lucky with their SF purchases, I am not one of those lucky people. I may just order a Day Blade for that saber, and then just not turn it on, as there is a problem where it turns off in mid use sometimes. If I had to do it all over now I would get a Stunt Saber (no sound) and a day blade in the color I needed. Yes it's fun to play with, with the sound, but after 2 hours, the fun faded for me lol.
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    My KOTOR dress is made with a discontinued crepe-back satin in a color called Bordeaux. It’s a blue-toned red, almost but not quite a burgundy. It’s more red than my Unseen version. Here are the two fabrics, side by side:
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    Speaking from experience with all these companies you have posted. Ultrasabers are bulky heavy and the electronics are not the best, but it will get the job done. Saberforge, I would just assume throw my money away, if you would even receive it, then its a 50%/50% chance that the electronics were done correctly. You can't go wrong with Vaders Vault, as light as a TV remote, quality workmanship, and they back up their work with a warranty you can count on. The one you picked out from Vaders Vault meets the CRL requirements, and you won't be disappointed with the quality. There might be a longer wait time for this saber, compared to other companies, but I would still not buy a saber from anywhere else, as long as the look of the saber can be found here. I hope that makes your troubles less. Also if you let them know you are a 501st members, and chat with them a bit, they might add you to their 501st members group, where you get added discounts on your purchase. Check out their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1553748611608080/
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    Hello everyone, Check out the trailer for a fan film that I was honoured to be part of and spread the word! I've seen the final cut already and it's great!:
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    Thank you all so much for your help. I will post pix of the finished costume next week some time. Maybe even this weekend.
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    Just received word that both versions have been approved by the 501st! My Unseen, Unheard version is also approved for the Rebel Legion (I didn’t submit the KOTOR II version to them). Now I just need to get trading cards made.
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    so i'm a member of the mandolorian mercs and ive wanted to join the 501st for a while and was finding it hard to decide what to make but when i saw that Mandalore the Ultimate got a crl i knew that that was what i wanted to make. thanks to Rejean for putting the hard work in. I'm going to try and copy as much of his armor as possible. my plan is to make the armor out of sintra and styrene if that is approveable. but i must be honest i haven't talked to my local GML about this yet i didn't know if i should do that before or after i make the armor. but this is what i have so far i have the shins and tops of the gauntlets. . any advice is greatly appreciated i know the the 501st is a little different then the mando mercs.
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    Thanks for the info it helps I did end up contacting my gml and am waiting for a response. If this was almost any other suit of armor there is no way that I would make it out of Sinatra but this one is simular to my Mando armor so I think I can get the details required. And I will definitely contact my local garrison I’ve trooped with them before and they are some nice guys. I’m currently working on the mask I plan to mold it and make multiple so I can cold cast one to give it a try. I don’t think that would work for the aprooved armor because some of the other parts of the armor would have to match. And finding paint that would match would be doficult. Im still working on it. this is one of the references from the game that i have been using along with the pics from the crl to make the mask.
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    Both costumes have been submitted for approval. Now I just have to wait.... Here are the photos for the Unseen, Unheard version (my favorite). So glad to be done!
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    Hi, here are some photos of the making The costume has been approved, and so far I've done 4 troops wearing it. More on the way. Thanks to the forum with all the helpful information. Daya 501st Luxembourg Outpost