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    Sharad Hett was a goody two shoes Jedi, I don't see where he would fit into our world, but also welcome the debate.
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    Lol...I just got the image of Thrawn coming in to "Shaft"
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    Gloves look great, very similar to the ones I use.
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    Welcome, I look forward to seeing your progress.
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    Whatever............suits............. your needs. I couldn't help myself.
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    Instead of ordering just the blackout hood, I decided to get a full-body morphsuit. For $20 Canadian shipped I couldn't say no. It saves needing Under Armor shirt/pants and a hood and a lot cheaper. Most of the reviews said the lycra spandex is quite breathable, but I may cut/hem at the ankle and elbows, but not sure.
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    The character is coming this next week. Plus there's going to be a whole new raid in the game set in the Old Republic with the Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Darth Traya as the focus.
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    Hello everyone, DS-62629 here. I just joined 501st and Flagship Eclipse as Nightsister Asajj Ventress not too long ago. I've been in Rebel Legion for a bit, but I have been wanting to join 501st as my favorite Star Wars character. I am so happy to finally be here! I'm from the Sacramento, CA area. I look forward to getting to know all of you more!
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    I ordered 20 yards of material for the costume and had quite a bit left over.
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    Gloves look good to me, very similar to the ones I have. I used Black Raw Silk from Dharma when I made my costume, I did not line mine at all. In my opinion there is no point in lining the material because its going to get weathered. It's supposed to look worn and tattered.
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    Glorious! Don't shoot your ey........ you know what? You should be fine.
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    We're trying to get these things fixed. Thanks to your guys' help, it should be a smoother process.
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    So long as it is a smooth texture that isn't knit looking and heavier fabric to facilitate the necessary drape, the fabric should work. There are some polyester blends that work nicely for a more affordable cost, but if you have the $$ and the fabric matches the necessary points, go for it!
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    Hi and welcome It is always a good idea to make a check list like the one you have - I´m also looking forward to see your WIP
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    With the buckles removed, and the red stripe added to the heel, I think these boots are a great fit. Thoughts? https://www.chineselaundry.com/shop/sale/clearance/set-in-stone-leat/785807771048.html
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    Hello everyone. My name is Cory Parker, TK-2372. I am a member of Star Garrison and I have been a Legion member for 16 years. After about three years of debate, I finally bit the bullet and ordered my stuff for my Darth Nihilus costume. I should have the complete costume ready to submit according to the maker before March 14. Glad to be here .
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    Thank you so much [emoji4] I am so blown away by all the feedback and comments...you all are wonderful! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
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    Good luck on the costume. I look forward to seeing your progress.
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    Hello, I have just become a member of 501st Legion. I am from Zagreb, Croatia. I am SL 59977 (Darth Nihilus KOTOR II).
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    This was one of the finished parts I got from my squadmate, so not sure on the exact details. If I remember right, the ring is 3D printed and the handle inside is (I think) a US handle. One side is normal, the other end was modified so it would handle the second blade (it lights up on both ends). I'm hoping to eventually add the single blade version as an option someday...
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    Update... here's the helmet from Wicked Armor... must say that artistically it's stunning and weathering is fantastic!
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    Congrats on approval I would sure like to see all your pics (one of my favorite costumes), and yes I think people who are in the process of building this atm would also be interested in how yours turned out, and if they have questions, then they have someone new to turn to.
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    Hello mate and welcome in the Revan Section You seem to be planning your work way ahaead and that's great ! I personnaly used thick black cotton for the caplet, hood, and hakama. You can't really see it in the reference pisctures but the fabric seems smoother than rhino canvas. Concerning the boots and gloves, I ordered some on amazon and my boots are simple one from a regular shoe shop (hard to find decent neutral boots without a high heel ><) I will follow your thread to see your progresses good luck =)
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    Both of those seem reasonable to me. The red armor appears across several issues, but since both have the collar piece and there were almost 50 issues between appearances, I could easily see Jan intending to do the same armor in the pencils but the colorists forgetting the unique color scheme. Thanks for the feedback!
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    I agree. I think it would be fine to have gauntlets optional on the first. Also I would keep the gold, comic are quick and have fast turn over and I would concur that it was probably an accident to not include those details. The IK is another outfit as noted and would have its own CRL.
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    For the Royal Robes, I think there is enough there to build with. The Gauntlet/Bracer question is a difficult one, but might be solved with it being listed as an optional item for the costume in the CRL, as the majority of the time his arms are not visible anyway. This would then go into the role playing of this character and body language of not having your arms visible in every picture taken of you. The LMOs would be the best persons to ask, as this would be a new costume to the TFE and 501st, and it falls under their scrutiny. For the IK variation, this would also be a completely new costume to the TFE and the 501st, so again it would best be answered by the LMOs. I think that last pic you posted was just an error in coloring that they made the extra items red and not gold. I think there is enough to build this costume as well, with and IK being the base with the added Gold trimmed items making it unique. This costume would also be given its own CRL. I have linked this post to two of our LMOs, so it gets their attention, and then they can give you their opinions on the matter.
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    Howdy! I'm Alan Steinberg from Houston, TX, that's South Texas Squad of Star Garrison. I've been doing this 501st thing for about 9 years with an ANH Stormtrooper and more recently got my ROTS Vader approved. I'm now working on a Bith character and I'm just here to be supportive as Flagship Eclipse is kind of like a sibling detachment with Sith Lords.
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    Aww, am I getting booted from the CRL? I was honored to submit photos for the CRL when it was created, but I understand things are always improving. Will the Nihilus CRL's be updated too, and can I get involved somehow? Agreed. Rings are on the chest. If there are clasps, they are very tiny ones that attach the rings to the fabric. I grudgingly added clasps. I always avoided that lip on the hood because it looks difficult, but I think it adds a lot to the costume so I will figure it out. I like all of your suggestions, but I think the little strip on the bottom of the torso is brown from every angle. Making this part of the armor, instead of a sliver of fabric, will make it easier for attaching the rings too, especially since the rings come from under this strip. I don't mean to be a pain, but I've been looking at this costume for 10 years and am passionate about it. It's still my favorite among every costume I've made, and it was my first. I think the addition of red fabric here will look out of place. I'm all for painting a brown strip there on the v2 armor that matches the brown on the back, but if I am forced, I will add this bit of fabric, haha. Or can the red fabric be optional even at the highest tier? It's always fun to interpret these old low-res game models. I have heard that my armor does not fit well on a wide hip to waist ratio. Maybe I should make a female ab plate while I am upgrading this costume. I will post my v2 on the forum when complete, thanks.
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    . Darth Revan Revan was a Dark Lord of the Sith who lived around the years 3,963?3,956 BBY; roughly 40 years after the Great Sith War and the fall of Exar Kun. Revan sought what many considered to be the complete annihilation of the Galactic Republic, a tendency later followed on by Revan's apprentice Darth Malak. Revan and Malak led a breakaway faction of Jedi Knights into war alongside the Republic against the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. This action was taken against the will of the Council and caused a schism within the Order. After Revan led the Republic to victory, Revan and Malak left known space and returned "changed." Following their return, the two new Sith Lords waged war against the very Republic they'd fought to save. Interestingly, however, Revan waged war in a very particular way, seemingly wanting to preserve the infrastructure of the Republic and to strip away the "dead weight." It is theorized that Revan believed there was a greater threat than the Mandalorians lurking outside of Known Space and was seeking, in fact, to force the Republic to strengthen itself, rather than actually seeking the Republic's outright destruction. Because Revan's first (and main) appearance is in the Knights of the Old Repubic videogame, the character's appearance and even gender is variable. However, more recently, canonical sources dictate that Revan was, in fact, male - in spite of the fact that in the second Knights of the Old Republic game, the character is first referred to as female and it is decision of the player whether or not to contradict this and "set" the character as male. Darth Revan Image Gallery http://theflagshipeclipse.com/gallery/t ... p?album=22 Visual Reference Sources These are the sources for LFL image resources. The purpose of this section is to show costumers where the character has appeared so far, and to tell them where they can look to get more information about the characters. Action Figures or Miniatures - Hasbro Action Figure, 3.75 inch size. (Note: the mask used for the sculpt on this figure is a fan based sculpt instead of the mask belonging to the character in the game.) - Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force Set. Piece --1. Darth Revan. Games That Include the Character - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic by BioWare. - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords by Obsidian Entertainment. Official Background Information Sources This is a listing of links or sources that will provide more information about the character. They may or may not have images. Star Wars Books - Star Wars The New Essential Chronology. Pages 21, 22, 24. - Star Wars Jedi vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force. Pages xix, 22, 23, 30, 56, 57, 91, 131-133, 154, 163, 164. - Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide. Page 28. Unofficial Background Information Sources NOTE: While wiki sources can be interesting and informative to read, they should NOT be considered accurate sources for character backgrounds or costume images due to the fact that anyone can go in and edit the text or images, regardless of accuracy. - Wookiepedia Entry for Darth Revan http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Darth_Revan - Wikipedia Entry for Darth Revan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darth_Revan - Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia Entry for Darth Revan http://theforce.net/swenc/newdescr.asp? ... 8510&tab=d .