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Darth Talon GOH

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Good afternoon,


I would like to propose a new CRL for Darth Talon from GOH.  I have some reference photos for her costume that might be a little clearer than what is posted in the gallery.  I would like it to be somewhat similar to the comic book version.


Halter top leather or leather-like material and twill or denim. 

Armor pieces sintra or fiberglass 

Boots knee-high leather 

Pants leather or leather-like material and twill or denim

Belt and tabard made from Leather with metal buckles

Lekku is being made by Twil'lek Pam

Body paint is Reel Creations



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images not uploading
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Apologies! I did not receive any notifications about this!


I would absolutely love to have this one added! I can send this off to LMO for a vote to see if they deem it eligible (don't see any issues, but you never know) with the references supplied. It takes about a week for them to vote.

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