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Inquisitor Cal Kestis


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Hello, im working on an inquisitor Cal Kestis and noticed that there isnt a CRL so i guess im flying blind!


ive narrowed down what i need so far:
Inferno squadron flight suit ( kinda)
purge trooper chest, back, and gauntlets
second sister shoulders (modified)
ridding boots






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i havent been able to find a purge trooper chest, but it looks like the movie realistic clone armor from imperial surplus is the best fit. ill have to fill in the right side detail and emboss the details on the left.


no sign of their gauntlets, so ill just model them and 3d print those.

ill likely make the pauldrons out of sintra if i can find a template, along with the thigh armor

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Hello everyone, 

I'm Ti-11661 from the Atlantic garrison, I've always been a fan of the inquisitor cal kestis look and after gathering a team of 3d printing experts, seamstress's, and other legion members interested in working towards this CRL after picking apart the in game look this is what we believe to a good lead. 

This is just our look at it and open to your feedback, enjoy! 


-Flight suit

After talking to the team we believe it can be made by making the flap from the officers tunic that sops at the belt line runs up to the left shoulder covering the zipper and by removing the pockets from the regular 181st flight suit with a modified collar almost similar to the second sister.


"Will update after we finish the first prototype"



Reference for the fap similarly 




I was able to get my hands on the STL files for the chest, back, shoulders hips and gauntlets as those files have seen available for a few years. 


.For basic costume entry

we believe the two red stripe on the chest could be painted on and for level 2 be solid red LED lights


-back plate 

.back plate is similar to a tie pilot design with some alterations with 4 red dots in a line across the back


- shoulders pauldrons

Shoulder pauldrons must have a white imperial cog proportional based on the user size. 


. gauntlets 

2 red light can be seen on the right gauntlet.

Same as the chest lights basic entry painted red and level 2 solid red LED lighting.

And 2 diagonal white stripes pointed downward towards the hips.


-thigh armor

Thigh armor is included in most armor STL files both thigh plates should start at the hip and down your leg to just above your knee.

With no visible attachment to your suit 



Gloves must be black and red with red being on the palm side and back on the back of your hand with enough length that they can tucked under the gauntlets with no visible skin.



Belt looks to be a standard imperial belt that tie pilots and imperial officers use with a modified buckle. With 2 diagonal small black stripes on the top right side and no disc in the middle.



Boots appear to be standard knee high leather or leather like material boots similar to the officers.

.Boots should have no designs on them or visible zippers 

.Level 2 option real leather boots.








Hair must be ginger like and have a short haircut and must have a clean shaven face.

Wigs are also encouraged with no real hair visible from underneath.




-Light saber optional

Due to the customization of the game a standard black lightsaber with a red blade will work for level one entry.

Single Blade or double blades are allowed




Level 2 option inquisitor saber 

Saber is similar to the second sister saber with no black areas around the ring small sith writing can be seen on the inner ring edge of the hilt.

.saber my have a red stripe one each emitter running vertical.







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