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Starkiller Concept Robes, tips &/or help for an Aussie.

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I have started my Starkiller costume and looking for any help, tips or more detail on making sure it is approvable.

So far I have picked up the "form-fitting" shirt & have a part of pants.

I have also made the padded piece to place the chest armour on.

Gloves have been ordered & templates for armour printed, though would like more detail on the throat piece.

Boots are the main issue I am really having, as calves are fairly big, tried on one pair of riding boots I was told about & only got them to the base of my calf, so much for the "wide fit".




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Greetings, sorry for the delayed response...sounds like you have a good start!


I have the same problem with my training gear boots (luckily they get covered by wraps 🤪). For yours, I'd recommend looking at boots that have elastic near the top or even a zipper on the inside of your calves. Once the greaves are on, it should cover any zipper gap.


If I can help out in anyway, please feel free to reach out directly and I will do what I can to lend a hand.

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Well boots done, and have some of the soft parts together, but I am after some more detail on the belt.

Any detailed photo's would be a great help.



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