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Full-metal Darth Revan


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Hi everyone!


I'm currently exploring the option of making Darth Revan armor from full metal. I've researched the forum and haven't found any mentions about such combination, so I've decided to ask - is it an acceptable form of Darth Revan costume?


PS. Is helmet acceptable form of face cover, or is it only the mask?


Thanks for answers in advance,


and may the dark side be with you! :D

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If you can get all the details in senior without any attachment points (weld lines, seams, rivers, etc) then there is nothing stopping such.


Also, if you want to do a helmet style, so long as the front matches mask references from the game, that's fine with me.

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thanks for the answer!


I'm posting WIP parts - I'd appreciate any feedback.




(the screws are just there to catch the details, they won't be featured in the final version of the costume)


Please note that the work is mainly based on the reference images from the game resulting in some differences from the CRL.


The main difference can be seen in the back armor - by deeply analyzing the reference screenshot I discovered that the shape should actually match & connect to the chest armor, and by looking even closer I've discovered a new detailing not featured in the CRL.


Please let me know what you think about it and if there are any issues with the direction I'm taking (relying more on game reference images, rather than the CRL).

Edited by witcher
(forgot to mention the visible screws)
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That's great to hear :D


Whom I should contact to discuss this matter officially? (currently the parts are in modifiable state, meaning I can switch to the CRL version but after hardening it won't be that easy anymore)

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