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Guest Anonymous

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Guest Daritha

Impressive, most impressive. Another Starkiller costume check. We're left with ... half a dozen to go, right? ^^


But seriously, your Sith Stalker looks amazing!

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Good evening,


There has been a miscommunication. This suit is not officially approved yet. But it can be considered as good as.


Note; There are two hoses from the back of the helmet of the Sith Stalker that travel down and forward disappearing under the neck int the front (best seen from the back of the references.) Please verify that you have this element.


If these are not present, don't fret. Just add them, and take a shot with the helmet+hose+chest base armour (black piece) You need not completely suit up again.


There's a procedure, and as I indicated in my PM to the poster of this thread, the GML must submit images for approval in the 501st forum/GML room/LMO approval thread. It may seem like bureaucracy but this serves to inform our peers on the membership team of developments in costume standards.


Mark, you are in queue after about five other approvals. 3 of these I have been stalling on for additional information. I will attempt to make through to your Sith Stalker approval 501st official tomorrow.


Your Starkiller; Sith Robes costume was reviewed and approved. There currently is a Sith Lord: Generic slot that can and should be applied to your Legion profile. This will allow you to have your Starkiller; Sith Robe displayed, even if there's not an exact subcategory for the costume.


As I suggested in my PM, there will be an issue when Sith Starker is approved because your Starkiller Sith Robe now occupies your generic SL spot. Only the Legion Webmaster can remedy this > There is quite a list of new costume types for him to revise and add too. I will attempt to get the Sith Stalker, and the many other costumes that need listing in the database sorted with LWM Blum this month.


Be well,


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