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  1. I helped a retired garrison member build one a few years back. I found the trick was to make something of a T-shaped pattern and glue the ends together with an extra shim of leather to get the curved shape to fit the head.
  2. Glad to see another scratch build! I made my armour out of foam initially, then covered it with worbla. I applied gesso, sanded, and painted it. I created most of the patterns for the fabric parts, but the pants pattern I modified from an existing Hakama pattern. A friend of mine made a mould for the mask (we had started sculpting it years ago), and I cast mine myself. My best advice is to start sketching your own patterns. Once you get something you can translate to foam, make a foam mockup. The nice thing about foam is that it's cheap. After that, you can use it to translate into whatever medium you choose to build your amour out of.
  3. I just ordered parts for a Revan light saber with this blade holder. Can't wait to get it!
  4. Weathering really is best when wearing the costume. I used a lot of boot polish weathering my wraps. Sometimes I redo it on the boot wraps at an event, just so the weathering is right over the spat ridges on the wraps. And yes, my wrist wraps smell like a combination of sweat, chlorine from the swimming pool at CVI, and febreze. If you have bigger arms, I make the TIE Factory gauntlet. If you have smaller arms, modifying a standard right Mando gauntlet is easy enough.
  5. The belts really aren't that difficult, once you figure out which one is which. I have mine numbered on the inside so I remember which order they go on in. 1 at the top, 6 is the widest one at the bottom. 4 and 5 are actually connected on the left side, to get the overlap right. Just scale your belts correctly (1.5", 2", 3") and get the right size of side release buckle for each. The metal bits are easy to make out of sheet metal (cut with a dremel). Then there are a D-ring, another belt clip, and 4 covertec clips, plus the straps hanging from some of the belts.
  6. All of the buckles are side release clips. IIRC, for the smallest belts I used 1.5", 2" for the slightly bigger belts, and 3" for the biggest. I used sheet steel for the metal bits, and got some covertec clips off ebay.
  7. Take ROTS Anakin Skywalker boots, add wrappings.
  8. I just noticed that it had not been posted in the LMO approvals thread in the GML forum until Thursday. If Thomas saw it elsewhere and gave his approval, then you have my apologies.
  9. I don't think it's approved yet. It was only posted in the LMO review thread thursday afternoon, and Thomas hasn't gotten to it. Awesome looking costume though.
  10. NIce work Greg. You better come to CCEE next year. Leland and I will also have versions of Starkiller by then.
  11. Great start Erin! I can't wait to see it finished.
  12. In 1980 I was negative 6. Here's me in my Bardan Jusik costume, bucket off. And here's me killing a Giant Ant, errr...Geonosian...at my local Science Center.
  13. Congratulations Pam! I know you'll do very well.
  14. I can see the pictures now! Sweet! I can't wait to see it in person.