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Ok, so I have some soft goods partially finished ( hood/capelet, cape, and shirt) and decided to start working on the chest armor in order to finish those items up. Since the CRL calls for a bronze color, why not make it out of bronze? I have mocked up this chest plate so I can get a general idea of how much sheet metal to order. If I could get your opinions on proportions and fitment, it would be greatly appreciated

Chest Plate 3.jpg

Chest Plate 2.jpg

Chest Plate 1.jpg

Chest Plate 4.jpg

Chest Plate 5.jpg

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I think the chest area is a bit less rounded and more straight across at the top. Also, the front and back line up perfectly at the bottom. 


Just make sure you get the details in the armor correct, and watch out for the coloring. It is an aged bronze, not just straight bronze, which would be too shiny.

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