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  1. Ok, so I have some soft goods partially finished ( hood/capelet, cape, and shirt) and decided to start working on the chest armor in order to finish those items up. Since the CRL calls for a bronze color, why not make it out of bronze? I have mocked up this chest plate so I can get a general idea of how much sheet metal to order. If I could get your opinions on proportions and fitment, it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Greg and i am hoping to join the Ohio Garrison. I have been creeping around this forum for many years trying to get the nerve up to try my hand at a costume. With current events the way they are and my work schedule the way it is, I figured, what better time than now! Well, I can certainly tell you it has been a learning experience so far. My love of Star Wars started way back in '77 at a drive in in Florida, a love affair that extends to this day and has been passed on to my 2 daughters. I am working on a Darth Revan and I have some questions and pics that i would like to post in the appropriate page when I am allowed to.
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