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Some Sith Assassins


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Someone mentioned the sit Assassins earlier, I remember them quite well some the KOTR, they were pretty damn cool, so I looked into them a bit more here are some pics of them at least. Figured I'd put them up. And there seems to be two versions of the Sith assassin.


As for info, well there is wookipedia, and the sit assassin in the Saga Edition- Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.


Nihilus is nearing completion... As is my Imperial Gunner, settling on the Wife's costume still, but I'm debating one more costume. A Sith assassin would be pretty sweet if possible.


A Sith Assassin mini



This is an elite Sith Assassin mini



Two Sith Assassins from KOTR.



And finally a Sith assassin from the Saga Edition RPG. Yes, there is a Katar Jedi thee but the assasin is clearly seen being tossed.



KOTR Vs. 2



Saga Edition: Old republic source book. The two on the end, are two different Sith Assassins... both of which appeared in KOTR.



A not so great pic of an apprentice.


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Yea, seems to be a bit more out there, especially with the Minis game and the Saga edition RPG... First I have to get the other half moving on a costume, then I can look into an assassin. ;> So for the sake of argument, what would it take to get a Sith assassin approved...? Obviously a working costume, though I am forced to admit that the mask would be tough.


The hooded guy is a Sith Apprentice... If I can get better pics I will... Thing is the other half is still deciding what to make... Imperial Navy, Jawa... or maybe I can get her into a Sith apprentice outfit. ;>

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