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WIP Nigtsister Merrin

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Hey, it is been a while... I'm so glad to be back with endless inspiration from this girl! 




Love love love her outfit and sence of humor so I hope i will be able to finish this one before the Episode 9 Premiere. 



Made some research and pictures:


1) turtleneck long sleeve - dark gray, textured
2) pants - dark gray, textured, straight line in the front (?) looks like they made from 4 parts
3) collar - layers of leather, sharp v-shape
4) necklace - 8 golden teeth-like triangle
5) tabard - bloody-red

    top - folds on the front part next to the belt, shaped-up on the shoulders

    bottom - two parts are hugging hips and one straight part in the middle

6) belt - dark grey - wide leather + narrow leather belt one over the other with massive circle buckle in the middle which is held by two straps on the sides

7) bracers -  dark brown/black leather holds on a place with narrow darker straps. V-shape on the wrist and going to the middle finger with the bottom layer

8 ) that things on hips (lol) - bloody red leather rectangular overlays on hips with Dathomir embossing. Going under the belt, on the side, from waist to the upper part of the hips

9) boots - bloody red knee-high boots without any visible decoration



Some extra 

1) Hood - same bloody red, oversized form

2) Cape - bloody red and that where things become messy. Cape goes a bit over the knee but has additional parts over the shoulders that somehow attached under the tabard (how the hell that happened lol) 

3) balaclava - dark grey and same from the same mats that long sleeve

4) oriental headpiece - gold, circle details with large cirlcle in the middle. 

5) shoulders overlay - same style as on hips, with Dathomir embossing

6) face-painting - pale tone with grey-blue lines

7) hair - grey and short



Going to make picture-references soon, but let's start from there! 

BTW I'm not sure that this is the right place to create this topic... 


Wish me luck, I'm so excited!






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So glad to see this here!

Could you post update pictures of your build?

Also, what fabric are you using for the red?

Patterns being used? Are you purchasing any of the items already made online?

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