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  1. Hey, it is been a while... I'm so glad to be back with endless inspiration from this girl! NIGTSISTER MERRIN Love love love her outfit and sence of humor so I hope i will be able to finish this one before the Episode 9 Premiere. Made some research and pictures: 1) turtleneck long sleeve - dark gray, textured 2) pants - dark gray, textured, straight line in the front (?) looks like they made from 4 parts 3) collar - layers of leather, sharp v-shape 4) necklace - 8 golden teeth-like triangle 5) tabard - bloody-red top - folds on the front part next to the belt, shaped-up on the shoulders bottom - two parts are hugging hips and one straight part in the middle 6) belt - dark grey - wide leather + narrow leather belt one over the other with massive circle buckle in the middle which is held by two straps on the sides 7) bracers - dark brown/black leather holds on a place with narrow darker straps. V-shape on the wrist and going to the middle finger with the bottom layer 8 ) that things on hips (lol) - bloody red leather rectangular overlays on hips with Dathomir embossing. Going under the belt, on the side, from waist to the upper part of the hips 9) boots - bloody red knee-high boots without any visible decoration Some extra 1) Hood - same bloody red, oversized form 2) Cape - bloody red and that where things become messy. Cape goes a bit over the knee but has additional parts over the shoulders that somehow attached under the tabard (how the hell that happened lol) 3) balaclava - dark grey and same from the same mats that long sleeve 4) oriental headpiece - gold, circle details with large cirlcle in the middle. 5) shoulders overlay - same style as on hips, with Dathomir embossing 6) face-painting - pale tone with grey-blue lines 7) hair - grey and short Going to make picture-references soon, but let's start from there! BTW I'm not sure that this is the right place to create this topic... Wish me luck, I'm so excited!
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