Revan Saber?

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I thought the Nihilist from Saberforge was the more or less "Official" version of Nihilus. Since the game is so low rez I didn't know if a saber with the flared circular emitters would pass overall since there really is no detail to speak of.

Do judges specifically look for the Saberforge Reborn/Fallen or Ultrasaber Savior/Butcher? 


On a related subject--is there a preferred saber for light side Revan, as seen in Galaxy of Heroes? 

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The Revan hilt has low res game files and the Star Wars encyclopedia high res reference images located in the gallery. The link linked is specifically created for COTF Nihilus, hence the hilt name, Nihilist.

Galaxy of Heroes has not had details submitted for approval as there are differences between it and KOTOR, so at this time, if they differ from the game file or encyclopedia photo references (both are pictured in the CRL) then they aren't usable for the currently approved Revan.

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