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Darth Malgus without Respirator , Silicon Mask Prosthetic

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Just an update and photos on the featured Silicon Prosthetic Mask (Oneal FX Studios) made.

Depending on the make up material you can work wonders bye scaring the hell out of people.

Dripping Blood or Flesh Burn effects are the key eye opener. I try to do both.

Had my 1st Premiere troop and people are shocked, same with the Garrison. Allot amazed that even such a character exist´s.

Daniel Eghan (Rogue One TX) even spoke to me and stated Man I wish I could do that character, which he would fit the bill and mold totally because of his height proportion.

Feels good walking bye all the Vaders who claim the supreme leadership and get gas fazed when Malgus walks


Photos taken @ "Power Of The Force Con",  2019 Oberhausen Germany 







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