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AlphaZulu Starkiller Concept Build


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Well I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole on someone else’s thread so I decided to pack up my things there and move it here.


First off I am a 501st Legion member with an approved ANH Stunt TK. I am from Starkiller Garrison (wink) and also a RL and Droid builder.


My intent here is to create a nice mostly soft parts costume. I do not know how to sew but I have someone willing to teach me so this is going to be our end goal.


I have plastic molding skills from my R5-D4 build. I also built a custom lightsaber with Tri-crew LED and the nano-biscotti v4 control board. This build will be the culmination of those skills (with the addition of sewing).


I already had gloves and I’ll have to buy boots. I’ll buy the saber hilt, but I’ll work the Electronics myself.


Looking forward to this build.

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So here is basically the rabbit hole I fell down. To be clear this is very early in my research and I am quite possibly having the same questions others have had before me. I will dive deeper and deeper into research in the upcoming weeks so if my questions sound like they are coming from a position of ignorance, they are. Quite possibly the is a reference or thread I have overlooked. If you recognize that please let me know.

I was spoiled with the TK due to how much footage and references we have for them. Starkiller owns quite a wardrobe so pictures of him or usually in another costume. My first question is:

What is the TFE blessed reference material for this build?

I have compiled the following. Some show differences. I’ll explain why I ask this question after I post some of my collection.


These are from in game, Pinterest, and Wookieepedia.

So why this matters.

As I was tinkering with my plastic I figured I would make his chest armor. I found that the CRL model had a different shape chest piece as the item description in the CRL. Notice the upward angle of the top on the model and the flat top in the description

My intent is to make sure I craft the piece correctly so my GML doesn’t have to make a judgement call. If I knew the TFE-sanctioned reference, I could always refer to that.

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Welcome to Starkiller costuming!   Great to have more people in here!

I am looking forward to watching your progress on this build!

Nina is very helpful and she will be able to give you great advice as you go through.  I can add what my experience was in building this costume as well.  

Approval will ultimately come down to what your GMLs decide.  My advice would be to stick to the wording of the CRL as closely as possible, I think that is what GMLs use as the official guide (the pictures in the CRLs are just extra examples, not official references).  However, if there are discrepancies, have the visual references ready to show why something is different from the CRL.  From my understanding of the process, the actual references are the ultimate authority, the CRL is just a tool to help GMLs to make a determination of acceptability of a costume because they cannot be experts in every costume in the Legion.   

Having a build thread like this really helps too, not only for you to check your build progress but also a reference for the GML, when you get to that stage of the process.


As to the specifics of the chest plates, I think the angle looks exaggerated because the cape covers some of the top of the plates in most references.   The CRL doesn't give specifics about the angle of the top of the plates, so there is some leeway currently.  

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Hi! I am one of the GMLs for Starkiller Garrison. So far Andrew is doing everything right, he talked to me about the costume, he's doing this build thread, and he's starting on everything that we agreed on that doesn't have any questionable discrepancies between source, CRL, photos, and text. 

This detachment has become one of my top favorites as far as involved interactive members, and that's a huge thanks to Nina (yep, I'm here kissing butt again). I know that collectively we'll all get this solved and get Andrew to be the first (of hopefully many) Starkillers in SKG.

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I have a lot of building ahead but knowing this is being looked at is awesome. I’ll start with the pieces that are consistent and when things progress I’ll move from there. I know I have a belt to make and knee high boots to look for. I know the saber will take me a good while to build also.

I would appreciate any reference pics you have from the game. Unfortunately my Xbox died a few years back and I never got around to getting a new one.

I plan on tracing out my armor patterns and sewing patterns in an attempt to share them on here. Other than that let me know if I can help with anything.

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And we've come full circle to trying to find those knee high boots for you... but now it's for a way cooler costume then an Officer (yeah I just said that shh...)

That was my first thought. I was really hoping for jack boots but you need that extra height when you are knee deep in awesome.
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Welcome! Glad to see another Starkiller in the works (there aren't NEARLY enough of us). I'm still a fledgling Costume Mentor, but I have been pouring over the CRLs that fall in my scope, so if I can lend a hand, please feel free to reach out & I'll do what I can to help.

Good luck on your trip down the rabbit hole

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Neck armor (prototype)

I picked up a few tricks from droid building and I tried to apply them here. This is a prototype so I’m experimenting and if I screw up, oh well.

First I sketched out a piece that looked accurate. I then picked the side I liked the most and cut off the other half.

I traced that onto 1/8 inch high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) (spare from R5) and then flipped it so I had a mirror image. Then I cut it out.

Afterwards I traced it again on .40 HIPS, but when I cut it out, i cut inside the line by just a little bit resulting in a thinner piece that sits inside the thicker pieces. I used Weld-on 3 to secure them together. There is a 3rd .40 piece in the back for strengthening. Not sure I need it though

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Neck armor


When it was cured I Chamfered the sides. Basically I sanded at an angle until the top and bottom piece were flush. I used Bondo Glazing and Spot Putty (wal-mart automotive section) to smooth out the lip


Then I sanded with 100 grit down (or up?) to 500 grit



Then I primered with White just to see how it looks



There is still a little off-center issues, but since I made it a bit larger than intended I’m able to work it down for be more accurate. Working the bend will be the next challenge after this. As I said before, this is trial and error but I like the bevel look.


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Shoulder Bells (prototype)


Drew and traced like I did with the neck armor. This is 3/16 in HIPS.



I also did a smaller section of .40 hips, same chamfering concept as above


Now they are getting a preliminary bend before being Ziptied to my basement joists for a few days.



These are NOT adhered together yet. I do not think it’ll make much of a difference due to their different sizes but bending 2 pieces then gluing them together often helps maintain the bend.

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The very reason why I never threw away my expired hard hat. I just didn’t realize it until today.

The concept here is to get a preliminary bend. In my head I’m envisioning this being attached with hook and loop straight to the flak vest neck. I’ll be able to conceal the robe enclosure behind it.

Again this is the Beta version. I’m not sold on the shape yet and I think I prefer the arrow style with the crease down the middle.

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I got my shoulder bend on, I attached the .40 HIPS on it and will chamfer it when it’s cured.



Also, the throat armor has a good bend on it now as well. I’m growing more pleased now that it is sitting flat



I’m going to let it cool and try to bend it to enclose my neck more tonight

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I will edit this out if/when this changes


But I would like to share my templates. Due to the variations i am not 100% confident the throat armor will pass, i based it off of the concept art as much as I could but added some more girth to cover the cloak clasp. 

Print these out to fit page and they should be accurate enough to Spray adhere to plastic and cut with a razor knife.

SK Throat Armor.jpg

SK Chest Shoulder Template.jpg

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Probably won’t be much movement on this for a bit as I gather pieces. I ordered 2 thin leather straps for the belt this week. Next pay I’ll order the large strap and dye. I have a few theories on how to design the belt for ease of use and making sure it stays in place with the slight angle to the right. As always I will keep this log updated.

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