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  1. I really didn’t want to leave for work today. I made some great progress.
  2. Don’t know how it shows up in pics but the Gum Tragacanth and some burnishing works wonders and really makes it look professional. Foreground belt has been burnished, background has not. I used Fiebing’s brand from Walmart.com for only $6
  3. The pouch fits trading cards. I’ll be a prepared mascot for the Garrison.
  4. 3 coats of dye, might not have needed that much but it wasn’t looking uniform until the 3rd coat. I am very much a beginner at this. I have been flexing the leather as well and it’s giving it a very nice texture. I have been applying extra virgin olive oil in thin coats to keep the leather moisturized. I ordered Gum Tragacanth to burnish the edges. After that I’ll apply some oil and then beeswax to seal it all up. It’s a good black but I would like it a bit deeper with a slight sheen.
  5. I started the dying Fieblings black dye Wool daubers Nitrile gloves
  6. Just a simple pattern I made of the pouch. The holes marked are estimates
  7. This was a lot of fun. Sorry no accurate measurements accompany this but I can put up my rough pattern soon.
  8. Thank you, and I agree with you while heartedly. Learning new crafts is intimidating but this hobby gives you obtainable goals to work towards such as the following...
  9. I’m familiar with this pattern because I do have the Wizard as a costume I’m pretty awesome like that
  10. Found some patterns that I’m going to build off of. The sleeves of the (what I now know is called) doublet will have to be elongated and cut off at waist high. I’ll also have to avoid the seam in the cloak. Oh I’ll also have to learn how to sew. My lessons are scheduled [emoji16]
  11. Black dye and loops will be next on the shopping list
  12. Here are my two approximately 2.5 cm leather straps ($5 a piece). I’ll be gettting the approximately 8 cm strap and black dye next week.
  13. Probably won’t be much movement on this for a bit as I gather pieces. I ordered 2 thin leather straps for the belt this week. Next pay I’ll order the large strap and dye. I have a few theories on how to design the belt for ease of use and making sure it stays in place with the slight angle to the right. As always I will keep this log updated.
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