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Hai! can I make darth sion costume?


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Hai, I have been inactive for a year or more cause of some reasons and really want to continue my darth sion costume discussion here :) I am from Indonesia... and I hope to make darth sion for my 501st first cosplay. Can/may I do this? cause I know there is no approve darth sion crl. (I am planning to make the swkotor 2 but if most prefer the force unleash one, I can re-sculpt my works) here is old one that I post here http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/tags/darth sion costume WIP/

I hope to hear from you guys soon :)


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Hello, and welcome back.  I will adjust your forums permissions, now that you are active again.

Per Darth Sion, yes you can make this costume, a rather hard build imo, but have at it.

As there is no CRL, your local GML will submit your application photos to a section on the Legion forums, for new costumes that we have not seen before, and LMOs with make the decision on the costume.  Then with your help, the CRL will be made for Darth Sion, using pictures from your costume and a write up of each individual piece of the costume.

So finish the costume, submit application photos to your local unit, and they will take it from there.


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Greetings! Sorry for the late reply, but I have been unwell and traveling (a great combination), but am back up and running now. 

This topic was brought up previously and it was decided that, it is possible to do, but it would need to include a full and single-piece body suit, and the face must show your own actual eyes and mouth. That means it must encircle but not cover the eye socket area and the lips with prosthetic adhesive. The bodysuit must look like actual skin in that it can't look like a shirt or sleeves in separated pieces.

If you can take care of that, then there is no stopping you.

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