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Greg's Stalker WIP


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Just tackled the Upper Vest with some help from my garrison buddy. Hopefully getting the torso straps/belt/armor done this weekend along with the back corset esk piece. I'm going to redo the neckseal 'cause the plastic is too rigid and hurts like hell and I need to elongate the front. I'm still working on how to make the cyborg arm and hand. I have the lower flange from a grievous arm but need to figure out how to make the hand mechanical. If anyone has any ideas let me know.



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Guest Daritha

The finished parts are looking freaky cool. 8)


How do you want to cover your tattoos? Spandex shirt, body paint?

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If I wear lycra or spandex shirt it will cover all my well tone and painstakingly developed muscle definition :roll:

If you look at the GG bust his skin is a sickly green or olive color so I will most likely use paint to cover my arms, plus the right forearm will be covered by mechanical arm.

My original plan, when I was brainstorming, was to actually build a latex muscle suit (arms and chest) that would be slightly bigger than me, then build the mechanical arm to fit my arm, that way it would look slightly smaller than my biceps etc. I decided not to go that way just because it would make the costume 300 times more uncomfortable and it would also become as hot as hell (this I know from my predator costume)

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Just a "few" more things to do

1. Android Arm

2. Proper Hanging belts

3. Boot plates

4. Plethora of lightsabers

5. Finishing details

PLus I have to make the ab belts fit better and I need muscly arms, right now they're like toothpicks





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I haven't gotten out the references to compare with this cosume, but I must say that I am loving the way it looks so far. It's going to be quite intimidating when you're finished!


(But I have to admit, when I see those red tips up there by the throat, I keep hearing a hoarse voice saying, "And that, my student, is why you should never attempt a forward roll while wearing this armor.")



Great work!


Pam :-)

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Guest Daritha

Good one, Pam. *giggling*


The ... uhm, "kama" (I hesitate to say skirt in front of the Apprentice) is really nice. Did you stitch the pattern on the fabric yourself? Hm, the pattern remembers me of the robes from the Jedi/Sith from The Old Republic MMO. They were possibly inspirated by TFU.

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The neck seal is a semi rigid plastic, although I think it looks great, it is one of the first things that will go in the garbage. It caused me huge amounts of pain and I have 0 mobility in my neck. I wore the stalker for a charity parade event and I have never experience so much pain as a result of a costume. I made it to the end of the parade but was out of the costume in 2 minutes, not even lying. The helmet needs to be fixed as well.

EDIT: spelling

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Guest Anonymous

Greg, your costume is looking great! I especially like the fabric pieces that hang from the belt.


Sorry to hear about the neck seal. Mine was a bit tall also so I just trimmed the bottom with utility scissors where it was digging into my upper shoulders/neck. I also glued some inch wide strips of felt along the bottom edge to make sure it would be comfortable. Let me know if you have other problems. I like to work the kinks out on these things.


Yes, forward rolls in this costume would be very dangerous. :D It looks like blood was dripping from his mouth. Ah, the pleasures of becoming a cyborg sith lord...

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