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How to Propose Edits to the CRLs


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If there is an existing CRL on the 501st site that needs updating or rewriting, post the original here in the default text color that shows up on desktop mode. Any corrections or changes will be written below each specific area in yellow to portray the corrections.


If you are commenting on the edits proposed in yellow, copy them to your comment, use the strike through to take out what you are editing, and put the new edit proposals in red next to it. 


[CRL Post area]


Mask: Here is the original CRL text from the 501st page, copied verbatim.

Mask: Here is the proposed edits for the existing CRL text by one of the CRL Officers. 

(pictures submitted for examples) 


[Comment area] 

Mask: Here is the proposed edits for the existing CRL text by one of the CRL Officers. Here are the edits to the proposed edits made by the CRL Officer that can be made by anyone in the detachment.


Anyone can propose changes, but supply reference images for exactly what you are questioning.


For CRLs that have no text, omit the original text and follow the same procedure.

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Hi Nina,  to effectively make certain changes to the C.R.L modifications, I can not do, I only can advise because of updating and building the props....I am not a  GMO, however I can have a Back up adviser such as Chris, or Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor from the merchandise that they sell.

With Darth Malgus costume it is a very complex issue due to the low attendance of members making the costume.

However, there are new builders from what I have heard that are also doing the animated Video Game Version of Darth Malgus....


Just from my part since im constantly working on the character prop, and have the original prop of 2 only made, I think its also better to keep pushing photos forward, so that at least someone from the T.F.E. has more added info to review and can make decisions from....


Regarding the Silicon Mask, as the C.R.L states that is optional, as the Under Wear Suit from Vader within the color content, Dark Grey or Black...

The most biggest issue that I feel that need´s to be stated is the Safety precautions wearing the costume, within meaning of heat exhaustion...

This is considered a safety precaution and should be mentioned within the C.R.L Guidelines. Which in a way is at least a fair warning.


Again I can advise, but will wait til I receive a mail on the Subject for updating the C.R.L. 


Mike (SL 19290) 


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Mrs, Marley i do apologize for my statements but they were real from the heart,

the tireless dedication towards Star Wars, should mean something to you. In that note and on true statement ,

S.L. 19290 feel that the Armor on Character

Darth Malgus" is not complete to standard terms. It is however acknowledged to me that Rob Rodgers has concluded the front template,

however i Have completed the back plate to all definition..... yet the T.F.E has not accepted in 2 times to the description, within a 2 year timeline.

After the manuscript on definition i do not acknowledge the result in terms, self on photo as a demo but yet have the finalization 

2 BackArmor.......Seriously  S.L 19290 



Edited by Rep.Commando Slayer
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As I stated after you harassed me on Messenger, you still need to provide reference images to show why something within the CRL should be changed. 


That does not and will not change because it does not come from me. It is an LMO requirement for them to unlock approved CRLs for editing, along with the text about the new change. 


It does not matter what vendor you list, their name will not override basic and required actions of the Legion a procedures. Please submit the requested references and text or we, as a Detachment, are unable to assist you in your request and the CRL will not change.

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