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My 501st approved Lord Adraas


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I've had this armour kit sitting in the garage for 6 months, and finally got around to doing something with it.


Our Garrison seamstress made the robe for me, but I put together the armour, webbed it, and "painted" it with pewter rub'n'buf over the course of a 3 day weekend. The Armour is from Wolfgang, the helmet is from slave1pilot and the custom saber is from Nocturne Armoury.


I think it turned out pretty well, I will add some more pictures after I wear it at its first troop in a couple of weeks :)





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I forgot to say that I wanted to thank the people who took the time to put their own build threads up, I read every one of them, most of them many times. I only didn't do my own as I was building this costume as a surprise, it is my first "first in Australia" costume!


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Good evening and welcome,

I invite you to participate in our member gallery on FB; see
TFE Members Gallery


Please read the following carefully. It takes on average four hours to process one image. Half of that tyme is spend trying to get pictures that meet the minimum requirements for use.

501st Members with approved costumes covered by The Flagship Eclipse Expanded Universe Detachment;

If you are interested in inclusion in TFE Members gallery, please e-mail me (thecloneemperor@gmail.com) with the following;

1. Great picture of your costume. The portrait should be posed, show off your costume well, be of good photo quality and around 2000 px tall. (Portrait style, Ideally from the knees up with you alone in the photo)

2. A second photo of you this tyme in street clothes/daily wear in your normal environment. Again this should be of good photo quality and around 2000 px tall. (Portrait style, Ideally from the knees up with you alone in the photo)

3. Your name. If we are friends on FB I will also tag you.

4. A link to your 501st membership profile page.

5. Your garrison/outpost


Please look through the gallery for an idea of the kind of photos we are looking for. And have fun selecting your candid shot. The personal shots add a lot to gallery.


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