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Starkiller References

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I still havent seen a Starkiller gallery yet, so I'll post the pictures I emailed to Pam here so people know what has been sent. The first 5 pictures are from the book The Making and Art of The Force Unleashed and the latter two are from the boxk the game came in. (360)








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(Heh... yeah, I tried to make a Starkiller gallery earlier this week, but Coppermine wouldn't accept my password for some reason. It kept sending me back to our old domain, which is inactive now. The problem has been fixed, though, so I'm planning to try again this weekend. I scanned some pictures from the graphic novel, but they're quite different from the other references that I've seen.)



Absolutely fantastic references!


Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Pam :-)

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This should have been posted long ago;


Good evening.


I began coaxing TFU reference images for Legion use sometyme before the 2009 elections. Now at last with the assistance of Mary Franklin (LFL), Steve Sandsweet (LFL), Amy Beth Christenson and Manny Lamas (Lucas Arts) we have a modest collection of base model images and promo shots created for The Force Unleahsed. (Images not related to this thread have not been posted.)


These images are for dissemination within the 501st and its detachments. The following copyright is to appear with each use of these images;

Property of LucasArts. ©2009 Lucasfilm Ltd. ® and ™


TFU Secret Apprentice (TIE Factory outfit)

th_Apprentice_turnaround1.jpg th_apprentice_display.jpg th_apprentice_turnaround3.jpg


TFU Secret Apprentice (Felucia Act II outfit)

th_apprentice_felucia_act1_-01.jpg th_apprentice_felucia_act1_-02.jpg th_apprentice_felucia_act1_tur.jpg


Be well,


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