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Darth Nihilus Belt


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Hello everyone,


I am (hopefully) soon to be a 501st member as Darth Nihilus. I should have everything completed/mailed within the next few weeks. The one piece I am not fully equipped to do myself is the belt (the one over the Obi), so I started searching around the net to see if I could find one for purchase. I found a few on Etsy, but before getting one, I wanted to check to see if the one I am thinking about is acceptable for the 501st. Here is the URL to the listing if it helps (not much info): https://www.etsy.com/listing/236554407/darth-nihilis-sith-belt?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=darth%20nihilus&ref=sr_gallery_28


I asked the person about the size and how it snaps close and this is what they had to say. The thing that worries me is that on the 501st site it states the width needs to be roughly 1.9" and as you will see, this person is doing just 1.5" so slightly smaller.

Belt measures 1.5" wide with a .5" center strap. Connects by overlapping and stuck through a belt loop or 2 holes can be punched and connected with the button studs.
Does this work for the 501st? If not, anyone know of anywhere I can get one that is accepted?
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Guest Tfinley

The belt is the easiest part to make. I'm in the process myself. All of the parts can be found on Tandy Leather. Look at my post for any help that's needed

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CRL says 2" belt, he's using 1.5".  It looks ok in his pic, but when you have it wrapped around your obi it may end up looking small when worn.  Though, 0.5" might be hard to tell if you're slender, unlike me.

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Thank you all for the comments! Think I may try it and see what happens. If it is not great, at least I will have something ready as I try and make my own :)

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Honestly I'd make your own, you can get all the pre-cut leather straps for £5 on ebay... the studs are pennies and the tools you need (hole punch, leather awl, press stud tool, burnishing tool) are all cheaply available. In total you'd definitely spend about half what that guy is charging and you would have the proper width belt of 2" as opposed to a narrow 1.5".


When making my belt I think I spent in total about £20, and I compared 1.5" to 2" belt straps (1.5" is cheaper and easier to find, hence why this guy is using it) and there is noticeable difference once you put the studs and outer leather strip on (unless you use a crazy narrow outer strip) - the belt just looks really small and out of place imo.

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