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  1. Honestly I'd make your own, you can get all the pre-cut leather straps for £5 on ebay... the studs are pennies and the tools you need (hole punch, leather awl, press stud tool, burnishing tool) are all cheaply available. In total you'd definitely spend about half what that guy is charging and you would have the proper width belt of 2" as opposed to a narrow 1.5". When making my belt I think I spent in total about £20, and I compared 1.5" to 2" belt straps (1.5" is cheaper and easier to find, hence why this guy is using it) and there is noticeable difference once you put the studs and outer leather strip on (unless you use a crazy narrow outer strip) - the belt just looks really small and out of place imo.
  2. Kifoil

    Nihilus belt

    Black safety pins or velcro on the inside of the cape would work, as far as I know it should sit on the shoulders all the time.
  3. Kifoil

    Nihilus belt

    get the largest black "sam brown screws/studs" or "chicago studs/screws", the pack of 20 I got were pennies and are 10mm size, probably could do to be bigger though tbh.
  4. Gloves wise if you're still looking - or for anyone else - re-enactment shops sell what are usually branded as "noblemans gloves", I got a pair of these which were actually on amazon and inexpensive. Nice soft leather and zero gauntlet flare. Reach perfectly half way up my forearm as well. They seem to weather up nicely too. Advice on boots, well I got Russian jack boots, pretty sure mine are reproductions but they were very affordable (cheaper than a normal pair of shoes) and the postage from Moscow wasn't too bad either. They have nailed soles and are full leather and pretty much look the same as german jack boots. Sizing was an issue though, as with most military gear you should really go 1 size smaller or a 1/2 size smaller if you can. I stupidly ordered the same size so it means wearing 2 socks in the boots to get them comfy...
  5. If you really want no zippers, then Russian military Jack boots are very similar to german jack boots but are about 1/3 of the cost, there are a lot of reproductions of the russian boots too and they are still decent quality so availability is much better than german boots which are inflating in price dramatically due to shortages. That's also if you want real leather, as all the russian boots i've seen (even the reproductions) are leather. Like all military boots though I would advise going 1 size smaller than normal. I'm a UK9.5/10 and I have a set of leather russian boots that are 9.5 and I have to wear 2 pairs of socks.
  6. Hey folks, My name is Callum and I'm from Scotland in the UK. Looking to join UKG. Been looking around here for a while but finally decided to take the plunge and make an account after a busy week trooping for TFA and doing charity events for CHAS (in borrowed kit). I'm in the process of putting together my first costume, which is going to be Darth Nihilus. I'm waiting on getting the majority of parts from MWA as I've not got any experience sewing or modifying fabric! So far I have the gloves (done some light weathering to those), boots (seem ok, but not 100% sure if right), leather belt I made myself and balaclava for under all the head gear... hopefully that lot is ok. Will post up pics of what I have so far in a build thread soon, will probably be around new year when I get the stuff from MWA then I can see what I'll need to modify or add to get it approved here
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